Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up

I have decided with Liv’s 1st year fast approaching, it’s now time for her to dive into the entertainment industry. We do live in Hollyweird after all and talent runs in her blood *strictly from her Father and Granny* Although I did have a stint as a child model and attended a year of acting classes.


I am the behind the scenes manager/stylist/hair & makeup. Today at my acupuncture appt. Gilli mentioned she knows a casting agent and she is trying to get us connected but I have spent all day reading her blog and I have a ton of work to do before I meet this chick.

First, I need to apply for a work permit. I printed out the application but I’ll hold off submitting it since they are only good for 6 months and I’d rather wait until I know she needs one.

Legally she can only work in 3 hour intervals from set times.

I sent Sarah an email to get her price for headshots for Liv. I am thinking of taking them at this amazing park in San Gabriel but I need to know when she’ll be in town next.

Liv may need a passport. I have an application filled out, I just need to take her passport photo.

Once she does join this casting agency I want to get her SAG membership as soon as possible. It sounds like it’s easier to join the NRA than getting a SAG card but I would prefer her to have one now that when she gets older.

Once she does book work, I’ll have to set up a Coogan bank account. Everyone has heard the story of how Gary Coleman’s parents spend all his acting money *cold-blooded!* so now parents are required to put their child’s earnings into a Coogan trust bank account that can’t be touched until Liv turns 18. Sounds great to me and I’ll be at ease once she makes her first million!

The biggest obstacle I’m encountering is how to market Liv, she’s biracial but she probably won’t be cast as a Black kid because of her light complexion. Antz thinks she’ll get Hispanic roles. I don’t care if she’s cast as an Eskimo as long as she gets work. I have no clue of what to put on her resume since she’s a newbie but I’m sure the casting agent will help me out.

The good news is I have a connection, it seems impossible to find a legitamite agency without knowing someone in the biz or spending a fortune. I knew she wasn’t ready when I submitted her for the BabyGap casting call but  next year I think she’ll be a serious contender.

Momager has begun!

PS Turnips are a bust, we were under the impression Liv would eat anything but she Was Not Likin It!

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