Scooby Doo, Where the heck are you?

You may be asking yourselves, well…besides going to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights and the movies, twice!
I didn’t get any good pictures at Horror Nights since my iphone does not work well at night but it was fun, the Simpsons ride was my favorite. We went with 10 of our friends but we made some urr, new friends on the ride.

Guido extras from Jersey Shore…fantastic

We had 2 date nights in one week, saw Drive and Paranormal Activity 3 at Paramount. I thought Paranormal Activity was kinda lame but Drive was awesome! I downloaded this song from the soundtrack, so totally 80s.

We took Liv shoe shopping at the Grove since she has outgrown ALL of her shoes. She got new converse, Toms, Saltwater sandals and Uggs. I also ordered some See Kai Run shoes on sale online.

Her new BFF, yellow Wocky

New Chucks, she’s just so gangsta!
This is my favorite time of year, New kid’s clothes at Anthropologie!! Now to bide my time until they go on sale after Christmas

Ooh, maybe some awesome new specs for Mommy?

OH! Guess what? That cute dress from Target is back in stock!! Score, I got mine on sale. YAY!

While I’m at it, Christmas is just around the corner. I’ve been totally nice this year!
 My Christmas Wishlist

lovely font from Mishka *sale 3 sets for $25!!*
 Gela Skin for my ipad by one of my favorite artists Kathie Olivas
Lately, I have been obsessed with my Pinterest app on my ipad. I stay up all night happily pinning 

Needless to say it has given me a long list of craft projects, recipes galore and dream vacays to plan. 

I am super excited to get shots as lovely as these for our trip to Paris.

 So true!
The magnificent St. Basil Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia

The Taj Mahal is my ultimate Life List destination

I am pretty sure I can make this doll for Liv by Christmas

At this year’s family Thanksgiving dinner I’m going to take a photo of everyone holding our chalkboard sign with their name and relationship to Liv on it for this book. So rad!

I LOVE this idea!! Gotta finish it by our next anniversary

This has got to be the cutest costume ever!

If you haven’t seen it yet, add it to your Netflix queue. You’re Welcome.

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