Misha Lulu presents Life’s Adventures & Mysteries Art show at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland

This Saturday was the monthly Nela Art walk. It also was the opening of my sweet friend Karen’s art show Life’s Adventures & Mysteries. I loved every piece, Karen and Joe are so talented. There was also cute handcrafted headbands by Persimmon Jewelry adorable dolls made by Miko Design and floral wreaths by Cakies. One of my favorite shops for kid’s clothes, Kumquat was there with the new gorgeous Misha Lulu Fall line. It was so lovely to reunite with the Misha Lulu family. Olivia gets so excited to see Bela and play with the “big girls”! I saw most of the Misha Lulu Moms and I hope we are able to get together again soon for a shoot. We really wanted to walk to the art walk but the weather was unbearable so we opted to head home early to relish in the air conditioning.

There seemed to be a Misha Lulu attire dress code
Lovely Karen, always so chic * I want her dress!*
Bela is the cutest little spy ever!
Such remarkable pieces, we need more walls in our house!
How amazing are these dolls by Miko Design?!
I’m not at all embarrassed to admit I want one of these crowns for myself!
Trying on a Persimmon Jewelry headband
I bought the dress Olivia is wearing two years ago from Kumquat!
Liv is becoming such a good photographer
This lollipop dress is perfection. I love the bright, cheery colors and the cut is so good on Liv’s long frame. It’s one of my favorite dresses.
Liv picked her favorite. I adore the new Fall line!
This mustard dress is soooo pretty! It’s on my wishlist for Christmas
I may have to return and grab the Nan Lawson and Cuddly Rigor Mortis prints!

Everywhere you look in Leanna Lin’s is awesomeness. I would buy everything in there if I could. Bravo!!

Liv scored a Tokidoki Unicorno
You do not say no to a card this incredible! 

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