We’ve got a screamer!

Yesterday Olivia decided it would be fun to shriek at the top of her lungs at a restaurant during dinner. The folks sitting around us tried their best to ignore her shrilly screams but I saw their body language. We weren’t dining at a 5 star place, it was Alcapulco’s so I didn’t feel that guilty for her outbursts but I did feel the need to apologize to the people around us. They were very gracious as I told them she had found her pipes. They joked she’s a singer-in-training but I am bummed that we will be those people who has an annoying loud child that the parents completely ignore as the peace is being shattered by the little screamer. I love that Liv is being more vocal, I in fact, encourage her silly noises however this has to be dealt with when we are in public. We tried our best to quiet her and bribed her with refried beans yet she has no understanding of inside voice.

Here is a taste of her new found screamversation.

We bought these babyproofing nubs to prevent her from hurting herself and she has decided they make a much better teether than any toy I give her. D’OH!!

On another totally different note, I have been debating the idea of taking Olivia to visit her relatives in my MIL’s hometown of Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico. The main reason I really didn’t want to go is the occurrences of Americans being kidnapped or even killed by drug cartels. That is way too scary for us to drive around in a rural country in a rental. Mexico has never been a travel destination I’ve been interested in. It could be that it’s so close that I don’t feel like I’m travelling internationally. I tried to research her hometown and there is zero info on it *what place doesn’t have a wikipedia page??* I think it’s the food. I know, don’t give me that look! Who doesn’t love Mexican food? ME that’s who! My ideal Mexican food is Acapulcos and Taco Bell. I greatly dislike any foreign food that is actually authentic. I like my food as fake as possible!! Well, I have completely changed my mind! What could have made me reconsider the American tourists kidnapping, or the poor drinking water and food smothered in onions? Two words…

Villa Amor

I found this gem while browsing Off-Beat Bride and I was swooning over a beautiful destination wedding at this resort when I noticed the town was Sayulita, NAYARIT, Mexico!! I shouted to Antz, OMG, I WANT TO GO TO THERE!! I really said that. It didn’t dawn on me we could stay on the coast *which is near Puerta Vallarta* at this luxury resort and then drive to Tepic and visit the family for a day. I wouldn’t have to endure sitting around while everyone speaks Spanish as I nod my heart with a lunatic smile on my face. I wouldn’t have to sleep on a couch shared by 10 of people *like we did when I spent Christmas with his relatives in Tijuana* no gross food being shoved in my face that I have to pick at while pretending I love it. Most importantly, I would be in an American run hotel with mod-cons like wi-fi, our own private pool, room service, mosquito netting and

she is lovely, si?
The best part is August is considered their off-season *it gets pretty hot and rainy, although I love hot weather* so this villa would be dirt cheap. We could go for our anniversary *heavenly* I think when Liv is 3 we will go, problem is most of Antz relatives get together for Christmas so if we go in August they’ll be hardly anyone there. Also Antz Mommy is terrified of flying, so we will have to convince her to fly with us *I found a great rate with Alaska Airlines* We may have to drug her to get her on the plane. It’s only a 3 hour flight to Puerta Vallerta. One of my friends said she stayed at the hotel for a cousin’s wedding so I have a review from someone I actually know. I think it’s meant to be!!
¡Viva la México!!

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  1. Kaia screams at Acapulco Restaurant too. But fuck it; it's a family restaurant and we actually go to Acapulco to eat *because* she screams/shrieks. Isn't that where we're supposed to go with babies/families? I'm not dragging her to Osteria Mozza any time soon…

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