Mix Tape Fridays Vol. 10

Happy TENTH Mix Tape Friday!!

I am excited for today’s playlist only because most of them are new songs that I’ve been listening to nonstop and I am LOVING them!! I give sole credit to Antz who sent them my way and said, I think you would like these. Good job sweetiepie, you know me so well. This is dedicated to my amigas at Coachella, I wish I was there. Only 2 more years and we’ll take Liv.


Antz is LOVING this song!!

“Truth” Alexander

This is my new non-Bj枚rk favorite song!! Love Oh Land!!!

“Wolf & I” Oh Land

This song cracks me up!

“Don’t Call Me Whitney, Bobby” Islands

I actually discovered this chick, she totally sounds like Joanna Newsom but harpless. Antz likes her a bunch. I find her to be adorable!

“Japan” CocoRosie

Speaking of Joanna, I noticed that one of my favorite songs of hers is on a car commercial *she sold out! Just Kidding* Antz is always saying why are all your favorite songs always in commercials? I dunno….cause I am awesome!! Anyways…I prefer live versions of her songs.

“Bridges & Balloons” Joanna Newsom

Arcade Fire has really won me over with this French song. J’aime seriously!! Makes me want to drive to Coachella tonight 馃檨

“Une annee sans lumiere” Arcade Fire

This band is rad. That is all.

“Kick Drum Heart” The Avett Brothers

Bj枚rk, don’t think I don’t love you, my lovely. Now hurry up and finish your new album. Liv wants to see you live!! They played the Skunk Anaise remix version of this song in Sucker Punch, LOVE it!!

“Army of Me” bj枚rk

Here’s another Sucker Punch song. It’s so funny because they would play the original version at my beauty school and me and my friend Jessica would call this the acid trip remix and we would dance like the 60s.

“White Rabbit” Grace Potter & The Nocturnals *youtube has it posted incorrectly as Jefferson Airplane*

And lastly, the random song of the week! I heard this song at Liv’s World Citizen dance class and it so reminds me of my BFF, Aimee. She LOVES this dude! She saw him live聽a few years ago and begged me to go with her but I was Not likin’ it so I declined. Well, after all these years, this song has grown聽on me. Liv loves it so I’m onboard. It doesn’t hurt that he’s French either.

“Bongo Bong” Manu Chao


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