These are a few of my favorite things

I’ve decided to start a Favorite Things post that will highlight things I am loving *like I don’t do that enough* but folks have been inquiring about Liv’s birthday plans so here’s a chance to share them.

The first is my super fantastico date with Warrenito & Kimbo *better get used to the nicknames guys* at one of my fave restaurants, Sedthee. It’s  been too long since I’ve eaten there *Antz has to good fortune to lunch there weekly*

Good times guys, we gotta get together again soon!
Liv’s Easter dress

So we picked up Antz Mommy and went to St. Andrews church for the 5pm Easter mass….uhhh FAIL! Just as we drove by this guy was locking the gates and telling other people showing up that there is no late mass. Aww man! Why don’t they post on their website?? So we went to Alcapulcos in Pasadena *sorry Atwater Alcapulcos* for our Easter feast.

We had a rad time!!
Now how about a few of my favorite things
I am loving this dress from Gap

Super cute but I’ll have to wait for the $89 price to come down.
Sorry this post is growing daily, I have so many favorite things at the moment….like
Liv’s 2nd *that’s right, Olivia is one month from her first birthday and I already have her 2nd birthday planned* but I am obsessed with this Carnival/Circus theme. It’s almost as if Daily Candy was reading my mind because they sent me an email with a ton of party stores in LA with surprisingly reasonable prices.

It’s fate…we have 2 Fabler canopies and I can now sew this tablecloth for cheapo!

I found the perfect park but they require a reservation fee $100 an additional $50 for utility hook up and $20 if we have a jumper….which we will have the MOTHER of all jumpers
Colossus Obstacle Course and Wave Water Slide
Yesh! It’s about a city block long. The package includes a generator to power it and an insurance certificate, tables, chairs, a popcorn cart and 75 serving of popcorn.
I am also digging these balloon sculptures

I found a bunch of the carnival supplies at Oriental Trading *much less than this place* but I am considering buying the vintage windup toys *the cuteness factor has won me over*

I adore this dessert table set up, where are people getting the giant balloons?!
I was at Target looking at the $1 section in the front of the store when I saw popcorn containers made of plastic…now I’m thinking of buying a bunch to give out as gift bags with a clown nose, some candy and these temporary tattoos.
These are sooo rad!! I just bought some Martha Stewart letters in this circus-style font.
Needless to say, I ended up going to bed past 2am last night but it was worth the loss of sleep. After discussing it this morning with Antz, we both agree she would enjoy a party of this caliber when she’s a bit older, so maybe her 3rd or 4th birthday. So it looks like next year will be a Yo Gabba Gabba! theme. I found some amazing presents for Liv and we decided on a new birthday outfit *since the tutu sold out on Etsy and Aimee wants to buy her birthday outfit from Jackapotamus* but Antz has sworn me to secrecy once again because he knows what a blabbermouth I am and he always tells me to save it until she wears it. Boo!!
Don’t worry, it will be FABulous!
So my last favorite thing I’d like to share is Liv’s World Citizen Dance class. This is week 3 and everytime we go I love it more.
My lil drummer girl

You likin’ my striped socks?

She really plays the instruments, her Grammy Bobbye would be so proud!

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