The Royal Wedding

I went to bed around 12:30 last night but I left the telly on and I could hear Cnn coverage of the wedding. I fell asleep before Kate arrived in her dress and I just woke up at 8:30 so I feel like I’m behind the world. AOL News has already ruined it for me with a photo of the first kiss but I am still watching the 6 hours of wedding coverage I recorded on my DVR. I am enjoying BBC’s take on it. They are much more refined and less circus sideshow-y than American coverage. So far I’ve seen the guests arriving and they just told us the new titles the couple have been given. Umm, is it me or did Wills get downgraded to Duke? I am all excited that Kate’s dress is by Alexander McQueen *via Sarah Burton* I give her dress a solid 9. STUNNING! She looks lovely. My only critique is long gloves are only worn during an evening wedding…etiquette rules!!

LOVE the bouquet!!

Alright, here’s the real, real
Hot Ginge totally has that I just farted look on his face!!
They both look incredibly handsome!! Yummy

She really is stunning

Time to grab your crotch, keeping it classy Harry!
Thank God this didn’t happen
I had my eye on Harry & Chelsy
Kate is rocking a serious Kool Aid smile, she is thinking “I’s one rich bitch now!”
How adorable is their get away car?? I love that Wills is driving

And the most anticipated moment of the year!! The SNOG!!

This is precisely why I didn’t have a flowergirl at my wedding. Kids get crankyface and ruin pictures!!

Here’s my homegirl, Liz…I want to meet her sooo fucking bad!!
Check out the most important element of any wedding…
Sprinkles is giving away 50 Royal red velvets to anyone who whispers “I Do“. I am thinking of stopping by today with Liv
I’ve been a big fan of Chelsy Davy but she is looking quite busted for such a big day…she is a true party girl, get her ass on Jersey Shore!!
I would rock all these hats, LOVE them curazy toothy Brits!!
Princess Beatrice beats Princess Eugenie…what was she thinking, that blue monstrosity looks like a reject Project Runway hot tranny MESS!!
Awesome hat Bea!!
This bitch….*serious side-eye!!*
I love Posh’s bitchface…she is the Queen of miserable-looking!!

It’s got to be a combination of hunger and being preggo whilst *uh huh* wearing YSL heels.

I have no idea what happened to my sexpot Becks, he got old and leathery overnight. He’s also rocking the Get it Guurl! pose.
Speaking of gettin’ it…The tiara turned out perfectly!! I LOVE my sewing machine ❤

By sheer coincidence, I bought these from Anthropologie on Wednesday with Aimee

City Walks with Kids: London: 50 Adventures on Foot
Now I am stoked to start my next project….

These are beyond FABulous!!

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