Less than 12 hours countdown!!

Until my Prince William will be married away from me!!

I have been fascinated with UK royalty ever since I was a kid *come on, I am named Elizabeth and I’m a bit of an Anglophile* I was 4 years old when Diana & Charles were married in 1981 but over the years I have always dreamed of being a part of that lifestyle. I love the formality, the tradition, the grandeur and the stiff hoity-toitiness of it all. Last time I was in London, we skipped out on the changing of the guard *well, Antz and Aimee overruled my idea of waiting in front of Buckingham Palace for hours to see the ceremony* but I did talk them into visiting the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London. Seriously, the funnest, most rad time of my life!!
As close as we got!

There was a strict no pictures policy inside the Crown Jewels but I did manage to snap this pic. See how my camera mocks me by flashing out the Henry the 8th crest *the camera curse has been lingering around for awhile*

It’s funny because when I asked to take a photo with these “Bobbies” the guy in the back chose not to be in the picture…jokes on you buddy, you made it.
So you can see this was pre-digital camera era *shocking I know kiddos* but I vow to return and take a bajillion photos and finish all the cheesy touristy stuff I couldn’t convince the gang to do the first time.
Take the Jack the Ripper Walking Tour
Ride on a double decker bus
Eat fish & chips at a proper pub
Cruise the Thames
Ride the London Eye *even though I’m terrified of heights*
Take photos at Postmans Park as seen in one of my favorite movies, Closer
Stay at the W London, obviously!
I also must heckle a British guard a la Lucy Meets the Queen.
I won’t wake up at 3am to watch live but I am DVRing the coverage on CNN all day. My friend Mia suggested we post pics of our daughters wearing their royal tiaras to celebrate so when Antz gets home we are going tiara shopping *don’t gasp, at Target!!*
I’m back…we went to Target and found the ugliest kiddie tiara’s ever *Dora the Explorer tiara’s, barf!!* so we decided I can make her one with my handy dandy sewing machine. I wanted to make her a Union Jack crown *since I kick ass at making Union Jacks* but I got carried away and didn’t measure her head so it ended up being huge so I fanagled it into a flag. I did make her this to wear tomorrow
She’s asleep so I can’t test it out but I’m hoping fits. YAY CRAFTINESS!!

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