Great Enjoyments

As I promised, we went to Little Tokyo this evening and 1. I found good parking and 2. I got a sweet Totoro plush for Olivia!!

We had fun in Little Tokyo but it was torture for me because my favorite sushi restaurant was right there and I haven’t been since my birthday last year! Bummers. Antz fell in love with Coco Monkey but I find him quite creepy looking but my Antz looks adorable.

I wanted this Totoro hand warmer soo bad but it’s all about Olivia.
I almost bought these Hello Kitty Baby on Board stickers but when the salesgirl was ringing me up, they were $15! No way, for a lame sticker Antz could make for me.

*Nerd alert* we checked out this anime place but they didn’t carry any Totoro, Spirted Away or Howl’s Moving Castle merchandise, how bizarre. I wish we could’ve stayed longer but my ligament pain was getting the best of me and I couldn’t take all those yummy sushi restaurants luring me in. I do want to go back after Olivia is born and check out this awesome place.
I am so happy I got the Totoro plush because the one I found online was from Japan and they only accept yen and it would’ve taken 4 weeks or more to arrive. The one we bought was only $25 and it’s so cute. Now I need to get her this freaking fantastic Totoro bebe set.

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