What the hell has set up camp in my throat???

I am positive the troll from Cat’s Eye is living in my throat. *One of my fave childhood movies*

I have seriously drank 10 gallons of chamomile tea and honey and eaten an entire bag of Halls cough drops! I miss being able to take Nyquil or any over-the-counter meds because for the past 4 nights, I’ve been pretty miserable. The worst part is Liv has started sneezing and had a runny nose last night. BOO! Why does this happen on the busiest time of the month?! This Saturday is her first swimming lesson and I am supposed to go to our friend’s bachlorette party. I really don’t want to miss next week’s World Citizen class but I just may have to so she can fully recover for Charlotte’s birthday on the 28th.

On a happier note, this weekend we went to visit my Mommy in Apple Valley. Antz and I spent hours laboring over making Liv’s Shutterfly photobook. We ended up with 46 pages *although our Groupon was for 20 pages* luckily, there was a 20% off discount so I ended up spending $20.80 more for the final book. Bad news is the shipping estimate is May 27 – June 2nd and I really want it before we leave for San Diego. I am also getting nervous that her Etsy packages won’t arrive in time either. I am still waiting for her Birthday hat, the diaper covers and her bracelet.
Whoa, I totally almost uploaded pics…you’ll have to wait to see when she wear them! Super cute, trust me!
Liv’s weekly photo, I had to let her wear one of her new lovely birthday dresses from Jackapotomus. Problem is, she wouldn’t stay in the chair…I was trying everything to keep her sitting still but nope, up and away she went so here is last week’s results!

Antz still needs to finish week 49 and 50 graphics but he has been working late this week so he’ll get it done this weekend. I cannot believe it’s down to 2 weeks!
Speaking of things I can’t believe…Evelyn & Dion are leaving for Paraguay for Peace Corps next Tuesday. OMG! I am all of a sudden completely sad that we won’t see them for 27 months but exhilarated about their new adventure.
We’ve shared so many fun times and great memories with them in these past 2 years.
I made a photo album for them to take with them on the plane with tons of pics of us together and Liv. We took this photo for them *and tested the prop Antz made for San Diego*

Our good old timer setting, consistently blurry every time. Out of 10 tries, this was the best shot.

You would think it would choose to make nice but alas, it is still giving us the blurry. *Eye roll* We are going to have to take it to Nikon for service as well as a much needed basic usage course before the trip. I now have my eye on the new Nikon D3100 but after spending $500 on this one and it hasn’t made it to it’s 3rd birthday yet, I have a feeling we’ll be holding off on buying a newer model.

Sigh, Ideally, I want Sarah to come to San Diego with us and take pics at Sea World and the Zoo but I’ll have to settle for asking strangers to get a pic of all 3 of us and pray a couple turn out halfway decent. Actually, that is how I ended up meeting Aura so maybe it’s not so terrible.

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