….A NEW CAR!!!

I know I need to upload last weekend pics but today I’ve been super busy bee and tomorrow I’m even busier. The good news is, I managed to change our hotel booking so we won’t have to drive in Friday night for the art show *which would have been ridiculous, by the way*. I am anxiously awaiting hearing from Gilli’s friend, the talent agent so as soon as I get word, I’ll post what she thought of Liv’s headshots.

Even better news, my Jetta lease is over in August but my VW dealer is having a May sale that we are thinking of taking advantage of. We also found out that Antz gets an additional discount through his job *yet another perk of working at the most raddest place on Earth* and they have the white Tiguan with heated seats *lovely* and an ipod connection in stock.  We are taking it for a test drive tomorrow when Antz gets off to see if fits in our teeny garage. Hopefully all will work in my favor and tomorrow I may have this guy…

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