Say hello to Snowball IV

So we’ve been at the dealer for a solid 5 hours and I tried super hard to drive a hard deal but despite a few hiccups, I got my new baby.

May I present Snowball IV!!

She fit our garage just like my Jetta but we had to take off the antennae. The Tiguan is actually smaller than my Jetta. There is more legroom but less trunk space *which means fewer trips to Target for me* The new lease includes a Carefree 48 months of maintenance so goodbye $89 oil changes!! I also have these incredible new features like voice activated bluetooth *I am hoping I can change the voice to a cheeky British woman*, wireless ipod connection and I finally got my heated seats back! There is tons more room in the back seat even with Liv’s carseat installed. The trunk is much smaller and the stroller is taking up a lot of room but we filled close to 5 bags full of junk that was in my old trunk and glove compartment so it’s time to re-organize and declutter. I really don’t need 2 makeup bags, old magazines, 45 pens and 2 towels. The hardest thing will be not eating in the car. I was constantly dropping candy or spilling lemonade in my old car. It’s pure luck they didn’t charge me extra for trading in my Jetta with all the spills and gobs of goo under the seats.
The salesman was really putting the pressure on me to buy all these extras like the *invisible* wax that I got for the Jetta *they promise you wouldn’t need to wax the car for 5 years, news flash, I needed to wax on!* they also wanted to me to get the wear & tear coverage so at the end of my lease they won’t charge me for any damage the car incurs. Well, they haven’t charged me for the last 3 cars I traded in, so why the heck should I pay another $45 per month for absolutely nothing. I did finagle a cute case to hold my Cds but I may not need to use them anymore because my new car has iPod connection!!! No more listening to the same 6 Cds and I can make the ultimate road trip playlist for San Diego next week. *STELLAR!!*
So it’s pretty late so I’ll have to take more pictures of Snowball 4 *yesh, I have had 3 other white cars named Snowball, my Mazda, my first VW Beetle and my Jetta*
I was 19 years old in this picture, AGES AGO!! This was right around the time I met Anthony *the man of my Dreams*
I couldn’t find one single photo of me in my Beetle. It was my Dream car. I had it all Hello Kitty-ed out!!

My Rabbit wasn’t a Snowball, we christened her Snow White. Sorry for the blurry shot
Okay, I promised Antz I’d come to bed in 10 minutes so I’m going to upload as many pics of Liv at World Citizen class as I can…Nighty night!!

All the ladies in my class were cheering when they saw Liv walking. She walked all day today, Little Miss Walks Alot!!

I’m going to make treats to bring to next week’s class for Liv’s birthday. Antz is coming to class too because he has the WHOLE week off!! YAY!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this; I found it very interesting as I don’t know so much about the new Tiguan. Unfortunately I can’t quite afford to buy the new model outright so I’m going to consider a Golf lease in a few months!

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