Olivia the Fish

We dressed Liv in her new bathing suit for her week 50 photo but she is no longer happy sitting up in her glider. It gets harder and harder to get her to hold a pose like her other weeks. There are some of the outtakes.

Okay, how adorable is her suit? I would have liked less belly showing but I suppose it’s alright. Antz is working on the graphics so I’ll post week 49 and 50 soon.
Saturday morning we picked up Antz Mommy and we went to Liv’s swimming lesson. When we got to the pool, it was total chaos. There must have been 200 kids in 3 different pools taking lessons. We had no idea who our instructor was, and in which pool. After walking around aimlessly for ten minutes I asked a nice, *very tan* girl where was the infant swimming lessons and she pointed us in the right spot. Antz Mommy got in the pool with me and Liv while Antz played photographer. I was worried the water would be too cold but it was nicely heated. There was about 15 babies in her class aged 9 months to about 3 years old. Liv has been in the water before but she was right at home *YAY* I bought her a safety vest but the staff told me vests weren’t allowed at that pool. Actually, she was better without it since she didn’t have anything restricting her movement and I don’t want her to need a crutch when she swims *like her Dad needs noseplugs* It was overcast, but perfect warm weather. The class was only 15 minutes long but it felt like we were in the water for hours.

*Try not to be grossed out by my whale-ness!*

Sorry to this poor woman’s tush…

The same pool where her lessons were has these diving boards. Fuuuck that!!
These people are insane!

She was intent on eating this ducky

The class was pretty rad, we sang songs while we swam. I was super proud of her, she didn’t cry once and she put her head underwater once. I’m sort of bummed next week’s class is cancelled because of Memorial Day, and then the following class we’ll miss because we’ll be in San Diego.

Speaking of being in San Diego, guess what??!! Antz told me about this

This is pretty much the greatest art show I’ve seen heard of and we’ll be out of town. *BOO* Antz and I quickly deliberated and decided it’s worth being at the opening *in hopes of meeting most of the cast and the creators* so we’ll drive in from San Diego and then drive back to the hotel. It’s gonna suck
gas-wise but we agree, we have to take Liv *who will be wearing her Brobee outfit*

Anyway after swim class we grabbed lunch and hung out in our backyard. I can’t believe how lovely our flowers have grown from the rain. Our fruit trees are finally bearing tons of fruit after one or two in the previous years!
Our cherry loot

Our lemon tree is full to the max. We picked tons of lemons to give to his Mom. We also made some lemonade, so yummy!

I am pretty sure the rain had plutonium in it, check out this mutant lemon!

Our lemons are on steroids

Love this photo of Liv & her Grandma!

So now we have cherries, lemons, donut peaches, Fuji apples, oranges, limes, persimmons, tangerines…pretty much a kick ass fruit salad.

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