Pre-Birthday Countdown

Whew, this week has blown by and I am nearing the completion of my Birthday Things to Do list. I got her adorable diaper covers yesterday!! I can’t wait to post all the photos of her gnarley birthday stuff. Antz worked on her French art posters last night *it came out so STELLAR!!* All that is left is packing, cleaning and decorating the Radio Flyer wagon our old neighbors gave us last weekend.

Look who’s playing peek-a-boo!

We picked up this canopy from Toys R Us on Tuesday night.

Liv was fascinated by all the toys and I told Antz we are lucky she isn’t at the I’ve gotta have everything in the store or I’ll throw a fit stage.

Seeing how cute she looks, I am now tempted to buy her this guy

however we don’t have much room for storage and it’s ‘spensive!
This weekend is going to be awesome, Liv’s BFF Charlotte’s birthday party is Saturday. Check out how lovely Antz wrapped her gift
I printed photos of Liv and Lotte together for her to frame.
My Mom is coming into town Saturday and I’m super excited because we are both going to get feather extensions!!
I think these are super rad!! I hope it looks good in my horribly dry hair *darn chlorine at the pool*
I am also going to try ombre nails…
I read about them on *of all the places* Lauren Conrad’s blog and I just got the new Essie Brazilian line from Target so I will give myself a manicure Friday.
Tonight I’m going to straighten my hair so I’ll be getting beautified for our trip. Sorry I took so long, here’s the last 3 weeks of Liv…1 FRIGGEN WEEK TO GO!!!

Aimee bought her these Robot overalls…LOVE!!

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