Happy Happy Birthday Antz!!

Yesterday was Papa Antz birthday. I won’t say how old he turned but he is definitely snug in his mid thrities. We didn’t do much but he did leave work early and we enjoyed some yummy ice cream cake.

I bought him a book a while back that I thought he like

Oh, what is Steampunk you ask? Well for one of Antz wouldn’t shut up about it when I surprised him for his 35th birthday at this rad bar/club in downtown LA called The Edison. I was digging the 1920’s speakeasy theme and he kept telling me, this place is Steampunk. I never heard of it before but apparently it has a huge following…I can’t describe it very well so here’s Wikipedia’s definition.
Speaking of his 35th, I was a lazy blogger in 2009 so here’s the pictures of that amazing surprise party I threw for Antz at the Edison.

French fry wishbone
Kim, for the win!

Jes’s martini is dirrrrrty

Dirty martinis, absinthe fairy, burlesque shows and steampunk decor, The Edison is a really FABulous place!!

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