Liv the Patriot


With the 4th coming up soon I came across these rad building blocks with all 44 presidents on them at Uncommon Goods. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s important to me that Liv learns about our presidents as well as geography. The almost $100 price tag is a bummer *finger crossed they’ll go on sale*. I have been playing with her interactive map of the US but the pieces are small and she is more interested in chewing them than putting them where they should go. I’m sure in another year or so she’ll grasp the puzzle concept.

Yesterday I started my French class with Leslie & Connie. It was trés magnifique!! The teacher was really nice and awesome *she speaks French so beautifully* We did some basic stuff like learning the alphabet, spelled our names and introduced ourselves in French. I am pretty sure I’ll pick up more words and get the correct pronunciation. This class is a thousand times better than the one I took at Pasadena City College. The best part is I have Connie and Leslie to practice parlez-vous’ing with.
I just bought tickets for Classical Nights at the Hollywood Bowl for July and Antz is taking Friday off so we can go to the beach. I’ll  be crossing off #1 & #2 on my Summer Fun List!

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