Summer Rules

I think I’m the minority that finds summer to be their fave season. Everyone complains about the heat, but I’d take hot over cold anyday. That’s why we live in the desert, right? I love the sun, I love getting tan and going to the beach and I super love the reduced traffic because 40% of the children of this overpopulated metropolis are sitting at home bored for the summer. Speaking of school…I’m parly-vousing my ass off in the French class with my friends Connie & Leslie. So far I can spell my name, introduce someone and tell people I do NOT speak French. Ahhh, I cannot wait to take Olivia to Paris. I swear I will not speak a word of English once I step off the plane.

Today I met Aimee at a tattoo parlor for our date. She is gifting herself a half-sleeve tattoo for her birthday. I have been working hard on a top secret birthday project for her but I know she reads this so nah, nah, nosey!! The girl doing her tattoo is amazing *and has awesome taste in music*. She finished about a third of it today. It’s gonna be wicked rad when it’s done.

This was her painful face. She is fearless, bad-ass and so lovely for adding a French dedication to her Goddaughter….”Mon joli petit bijoux, Olivia Lily” *makes me want a tat but Antz is not having it*
When I got home, Antz and me went to the South Pasadena farmers market. It’s been about 4 months since we’ve been there and I suppose it’s the late sunny days or me being in a super happy mood but it felt like everyone we encountered was mega nice. We seriously got like stopped by strangers to say how adorable Olivia is. Now why can’t these silly talent agencies see what the rest of the world sees in her?? *still no word from any of the ones I submitted last month, FML*

Run Liv Run!!

Chicks with accordians are pretty rad!!

Anyway, we really enjoyed walking around, noshing, bought some fruits and veggies and I somehow resisted kettle korn for the first time ever.
We stopped by this incredible shop and inturrupted a sewing class taking place. Everyone was really nice and the owner was adorable. I fell in love with the fabric in her shop *I was too chicken to take pics cause the class was watching me* but I promise to get some next time I go back.
Common Thread is my new fave shop, check out the lovely fabric I bought for Liv’s pillowcase dress.

The lighter print sooo reminds me of my Mommy’s bedding in the early 80s. It has a vintage feel to it and it’s lightweight like a pillowcase. The second print is bright and fun and looks like a mod little girl’s jumper *which I hope to make with my Mommy-in-law’s help* I asked the owner how I should venture into making her pillowcase dress as a novice and she gave me great advice, use the pillowcase dress I already own as my template…duh!
Aimee bought this guy for Liv’s birthday and it has the identical style that the pillowcase dress has. I am hoping to work on it this weekend. Oh, before I forget, whilst leaving the farmers market we saw the coolest car ever *and it’s a VW!!* I was pretty much drooling over the car but not for me…for Liv. I wanted to wait for the owners so I could make them an offer *in 15 years* for Liv’s first car.

So freaking cute!! I imagine curtains in the back and her surfboard on top. Sooo much cooler than my first car!

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