I’m freaking out a little…no a lot!

Problem is only a very few close people know what’s freaking me out. I hate keeping secrets but I am trying my best not to jinx myself. The gist is I took a risk and it just may have paid off. Only time will tell if I placed my bets wisely or if I am putting all my eggs in one basket *I laying on the analogies thick tonight* Point is, I have a long, bumpy road ahead of me and I cannot get sidetracked. So it’s time for me to buckle down and save!! Stop with the fancy dinners *that end in me barfing my lungs up* and spending money like it’s burning a hole in my pocket *that’s a favorite saying of my Mom’s* I have a goal, I want to achieve it. If this works out for me, I will be the happiest lady in the world. I apologize for my vagueness *I get annoyed when people do that to me* but trust me, if things turn out in my favor, you will be hearing about it for a very long time.


p.s. no I am not preggo, nor planning on being preggo ever again. Eliminate that from your guesses

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Bonjour, I am a Francophile who enjoys blogging, baking, Björk, peonies, & traveling. Married to 💍Antz & Mummy to Liv 🇫🇷💄🎈🍰🍟🌸

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