Renegade Craft Fair 2011

I can not put into words how rad the fair was. I walked around like a zombie but instead of moaning Brains, brains I was screaming Cute, super cute! Let me say that Olivia Lily was the Craft Fair queen. I am not exaggerating when I say everyone commented on how cute Liv’s wings were. The most popular questions were: “Did you buy those here?” Where did you get them?” and once I told them I made them…”Why don’t you sell them?” Ummm, okay? Even though I swore I’d never make them again as I stayed up all night cutting out the scallops with my cramped hands, I just may be on to something. I handed out my Mommy cards to a few folks who were really interested in buying them. Next year I’ll either go halfsies on a booth or just pass out my cards. I put Liv’s wings in our etsy shop. Olivia is such an awesome spokesperson. *Bleep/Bleep* talent agency…don’t you wanna sign her now?? We took the Metro train and it was only 3 stops to the Chinatown stop and a short walk to the park. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves…I’ve got to get sewing now!

The metro rail is close to our house. It’s a pretty eclectic station *has a Parisian feel*

Love this mini!

We walked around several times before Antz said I could shop, I really wanted to buy everything. The choices were overwhelming!

Friendship bracelet making booth, cuuute!
YAY! Female DJs rule!!

We bumped into my friend Melvy and her boyfriend, Joshua.

Love these frames, they look like ours!

I had to buy this rad Steve Zissou cameo

I wish I brought this little guy home for Liv’s menagerie but Antz and I both agree, she is maxxed out on stuffed animal storage *AKA her crib!*

OMG! I have to make these mega cute pom pom banners!! I love pom poms

I really, really wanted this jersey necklace but I’d already spent double my budget

What did I blow my budget on you ask? Well, one of the items I’m keeping under wraps *always with the secrets, right?* but when I saw this booth I spazzed out!!
Crochet ear headband/headphones in every color of the rainbow

At first I was sold on the Hello Kitty style headband/headphones but then I saw this guy….
Had to have it!! The chick who makes them was super cute
I really love it and Olivia is kind enough to share it with me
On the train ride home Liv fell right to sleep

Sleepyface, classic!

Smell ya later, alligators!

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