It’s All Over!

The 10 year epic journey of Mr. H. Potter has come to an end. Yep, he married Ol’ Ginny, they had 3 kiddies. Hermione & Ronny are in a S&M kinky marriage with 2 ginger kids. Vordymort is up in wizard heaven and Malfoy is still a tool. Consider yourself spoiled. *Applause*

It was a great movie but I have a severe headache from driving back and forth to Aimee’s in Venice. Turns out I couldn’t find a bebesitter anywhere closer but they had a fabulous time together.

Speaking of fabulous times…yesterday Aimee came over and we had lunch at the Oinkster.

They both devoured this peanut butter & jelly cupcake

I had the chili cheese fries and Liv had the plantains, so yummy!

So anyway, I am taking a breather from driving for the next 48 hours. Tomorrow we will be taking the Metro train to the craft fair and work on her pillowcase dress.
Have any big summer plans? Here’s some ideas
Rad ideas but I’m not so keen on making robots….I don’t trust em.
Hoppy Weakend!!

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