Nerd City here I come!

Muno will be there!

Tomorrow we are driving to San Diego for ComicCon. Antz has been a million times for work but this is my first year. As someone who has only read Archie comics *I am sure you will hear of a movie version of this soon, nothing is sacred* growing up, I’m sure I’m in for a rude awakening. Here’s the problem, I despise action figures *Yeah, that means you Batman, Spiderman and Iron Man too* Gross, I find those movies predictable, poorly written and trite. *Avoids the cans being thrown and the booing and hissing* Okay I’ll admit, Watchmen was pretty good but who doesn’t enjoy a blue wang? I even know a thing or two about those Star Wars, Meesa likes them only when I’m in the mood. I try my best to avoid being dragged to LAME Transformers movies. Seriously, I am going for the TOYS! I will turn anything into a shopping trip. We are bringing our nephew Justin who life is devoted to all things comic books. He is a walking encyclopedia of superhero info. We are both hoping he will parlay that knowledge into a successful film or animation career. I tried to book the W so we could spend the night tonight and I’ll have a place to take Liv for a nap or feeding but sadly everything was booking in February for this week. The closest hotel was in La Jolla and at $499 a night, we decided to just drive in tomorrow. Now the question is bring the stroller which has ample storage room for my shopping spree but have a hard time navigating the crowds or carry her in the babyhawk which will obscure her wings? Knowing us, we’ll probably bring both.

So yesterday I returned a toy we bought Liv that she broke and I got her this as an exchange!!

It’s pretty awesome. She enjoys throwing the balls out of the tent but she goes in and out and it’s really entertaining for her. I also got this but we have to figure out where we will set it up.
I am thinking on the front porch but Antz has to secure it.
So all this talk of Carmaggedan and typical LA, not as much drama as expected presented itself. We drove to Hollywood with usual traffic and the city even finished work earlier than scheduled. Here’s a cute video of the shutting down of the lamest, most annoying freeway in LA.
Oh, reason #1,354,899 I need my own ipad…Antz just downloaded the new Björk app and it is beyond rad.
There are songs from her new album and it is super awesome. No fair! *pouts and folds arms* I cannot wait until her album is out. She has already announced tour dates this fall in Iceland. How fucking amazing would it be to see her in Reykjavík??

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