19 Weeks, I don’t like odd numbers

Here’s the debut of week 19 and my second maternity dress.

I love this dress but I don’t love my newest feature, my double chin! I am counting down the hours until our next prenatal appt. so we can find out the gender. I missed last week’s yoga class because my Mom was staying with us and I was helping her with a Kinkos project. Yesterday I drove her to Apple Valley to drop off her dog since she is spending this week in a hotel in Anaheim for a music convention.
Speaking of my Mom, did I fail to mention this wonderful lady has generously bought my diaper bag?? I just got the email from Nordstrom confirming shipment of my Petunia Picklebottom Tigris Bag! SO STOKKED!

We had a very eventful and busy weekend. I mentioned on facebook my blueberry waffles craving and somehow ended up having brunch at our house on Sunday with Antz nephews and their wives. It was really nice, they had mimosas, Antz cooked eggs, waffles, bacon and sauages. I sliced the strawberries ๐Ÿ™‚ We ate outside and it was a gorgeous day. Saturday we took Antz Mom to her niece’s *son’s daughter’s* 1st birthday party in Montclar. We had a nice time but there was at least 40 people there and every single couple had a kid under 3 years old. I couldn’t believe how many toddlers there were! I really would like to take our kid to San Diego for her first birthday. We will go to the Zoo, Sea World and the Wild Animal park. Of course, we’ll stay at the W. I cannot believe I am actually considering this but the more I think about it, the more I want to change the date for our bebe shower. I am so worried about the timeline being so close to my due date. I would be mega bummed if I miss the shower but May 15th feels like the perfect date. I have so much to do before the house is ready for guests. I hope this spring brings my backyard back to life. Our grass looks depressing. I really need to get rid of the wretched metal blinds in our living room and put in these guys

I do think these are too sheer however, Antz Mom can sew, so she could add a layer to darken them. Another project on my New Year’s promise list is updating our never used fireplace. I would like a new screen

I would also like to add some candles to the hearth to brighten it, since we can’t have a fire, boo! I would love to have the floors refinished before May but I’m not sure if it’s going to work with our budget. Maybe I should just get some Murphy’s Soap and a mop and make them shine.

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