Comic Con 2011 *the Geeky Edition*

How does one leave the house at 10 am and drive to a 2 hour destination yet arrive 4 hours later? Well, I suppose my wild goose chase to find a Sonic in Anaheim may have been the problem. Let’s also just say San Diego needs to get their parking situation together *45 minutes to find a spot*. So Comic Con was awesome. I didn’t buy as many toys as I planned to, but that’s okay, I love what I got. Here’s the pics!

Did someone order 5,000 Wilfreds?

Greenman rules! Noone was kicked in the nuts.

Word is there are over 125,000 people who come to Comic Con over 4 days!!
Major fanboy!

I was bummed to discover that Muno wouldn’t be at the Wildbrain booth until Friday. So bummed in fact that this awesome Silverfox working the booth decided to give Liv her own Mini Muno and some Yo Gabbs buttons! SCORE!! I love Yo Gabba Gabba! so much!!

Liv’s wings were turning heads once again. Girls were gushing over how cute they are and she even posed for a few photos.

Antz really wanted to buy this Lion-O *ahem, Thundercats was one of his favorite cartoons growing up*

A Steampunk booth!!

This boy needs to go to video game rehab!!


My only celeb sighting…Jason Isaacs or as most of you know him as, Lucius Malfoy. I actually loved Jason in Friends With Money which is a great film starring Jennifer Waahniston. *ooh burned!*

Antz’s booth!

I have been Monkey-nized

Monkey Antz. Liv was showing a little shoulder, huh?

On the way home we bumped into Antz cousin Hector by happenstance.
 Sorry it took me so long to post, these photos take forever. Busy weekend.
Taa Taa!

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  1. I got to get to Comic Con!!! I've been wanting to go for the last 7 years. I ALMOST have the wife wanting to go as well. Maybe If I tell her we should go next year just in case the world ends she'll go for it. I don't want to end my life without ever going to Comic Con. Awesome pics by the way!

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