Bones, bones, brittle little bones!

If you don’t know the magic that is Islands…you are missing out!!

however, I’m referring to another type of bone…DINOSAUR BONES!! Rawrrrr!

Oh, what a cute chalkboard sign you say? They are available in our Etsy Shop *like my infomercial?*
Antz Mommy’s birthday was Tuesday so Antz took today off so we could go to the Natural History Museum. It was super fun seeing Olivia’s eyes wild with wonder, checking out the exhibits. The museum is right around the corner from is Mom’s house but we’ve only been once with Aimee’s son Holden when he was younger.

Antz Mom is a serious gardener. She can grow anything!! We bought her some gardening tools for her birthday and she freaked out. The gardens are like her idea of heaven.

At first I thought I was going to throw our Nikon in the nearest trash bin but it finally proved to be worthy.

Liv was walking around pointing at everything saying Dude!! Moose, one of my faves. I love their noses.

So she pretty much loved every single animal in the museum with exception to these guys.
How is she afraid of the animal she just saw this summer in person? Weird!

She runs and…

…runs! One day she’ll be able to outrun us. Don’t worry, I’m sure my medical insurance will cover a jazzy powerchair.

Like, rarrrrr dude!

These next photos are not for the squeamish, if you get grossed out by watching Fear Factor, you may wanna skip over to the end.

Antz Mommy is a collector of ceramic, glass and wood elephants. We bought her one from the museum but she couldn’t resist posing in the elephant chair. Yeah, she’s pimp like that.

Check out that sleepy face

Good times, goodnight!

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