Grocery Shopping in the 10th arrondissement

Being a stay-at-home Mom means my job is buying the food, going to Target and keeping the house clean. It’s silly to think I’m some 1950s housewife slaving over a stove three times a day in an apron and heels but I do enjoy shopping and Antz doesn’t so it works for us. Back in Los Angeles, I would do my grocery shopping on Fridays which would take maybe an hour and I usually go to two stores. Vons *for cereal, bottled water, bread and condiments* and Fresh & Easy *for our meats, fish, produce, fruit and dairy* I buy enough for two weeks and load up my car. We rarely have to get anything during that time. It is like night and day here in Paris. So far we go shopping everyday. There are four different shops involved, étalage de fruits *fruit stall* patisserie *bread shop* le marché *the market* and le boucherie, *meat shop* all within 5 minutes walk. 

It rained most of yesterday so we headed out in the late afternoon when the sun came out to pick up our dinner.

So glad I packed her rain gear. Now you see why I had so much luggage?

I love visiting the fruit stand around the corner. There is a lovely Egyptian gentlemen who works there and he always gives Liv a free treat. His fruit looks fake but it’s so enticing. Back home, I would rush in an out and hardly ever have any contact with the staff so I would often stick to my list. Here, I have a conversation with the people *my terrible French seems to be working* and they remember us. I can ask questions about fruit and vegetables I’ve never tried before. They cut slices for me to sample and I never leave without half a kilo of cherise.

These look like we edited them but this is exactly how we took the picture, honestly the best fraise I have ever tasted

Another of my favorite shops is the meat shop. I find it funny that there are four shops directly across the street from each other with the exact same products and prices. We go to the one on our side of the street because the guys there are very sweet.

mouton tête anyone?

I have made a new friend at the bread shop. I’ve tried a few others in the area but her bread is the softest. I went hunting for a cake for Olivia’s birthday party and I was skeptical about the one she picked for me. I learned to stop judging things before I taste them because the tart was très savoureux! She tells me my French is improving everyday. 

I have to ask my friend’s name next time I go there
Liv has been requesting these chocolate umbrellas

Antz has been our chef *he figured out how to use the stove top* thus far. It’s hard to indulge in these meals without feeling gluttonous but all the walking and stair climbing has balanced out.

Jambon y frommage
petit dejuener
Those pommes de terre were spectactular

I am so grateful I have been given a second chance to discover the food of France. During our first trip I had a boorish American mentality so I mostly ate fast food and didn’t expand my horizons. This weekend we are going to Le Marché des Enfants Rouges *a popular farmers market* I can’t wait to try an authentic French meal. Oh, but of course the wine is superb!

A Bientot!

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