Summer Vacay 2016 Seattle Trip

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I have returned to the blogosphere! I really wanted to blog about our summer but I have been so dang busy. Cough, lame excuse! I just renewed my WordPress premium account because guess who ran out of photo storage space again? This girl!


Our summer trip was similar to last year’s…we headed back to Portland, but this time we flew up to Seattle for a few days and then hopped aboard the train. Our favorite  niece and nephew (shh… don’t tell the others!) moved from Lake Placid, New York to Seattle for new teaching jobs. I found a sweet deal on Virgin America for $59 tickets so we decided to visit them. The return flights were more expensive so I thought it would be fun to take Amtrak train back to LA. We rode the train from Seattle to Portland where we spent a few days with our friends Story, Chris and their adorable kid. The train ride from Portland to Los Angeles was THIRTY hours long! It wasn’t so bad since we had a cool sleeper car with a private bathroom. I was so excited to head to the Pacific Northwest for the weather, it was scorching hot in LA so I packed sweaters and scarves. Guess what? Seattle and Portland had record heat! I’m talking in the hundreds. Oh well, I couldn’t be upset because we did enjoy all the lovely trees and greenery that Los Angeles lacks. The highlight of our trip was spending our 14th wedding anniversary on a day trip to beautiful Victoria, British Columbia where we went whale watching. If you would like to see photos I took on Instagram look for #antzlizandlivinSeattle


We took our first Uber in LA!  Our driver was awesome, he took this photo of us on our way to LAX. I made the dumb mistake of not wearing socks so I ended up walking barefoot through security. Lame! I must remember to keep a pair of ankle socks in my bag.



We gave our flight attendants a gift and they returned with booze and candy. We even got to hang in the cockpit with the handsome pilots!



Our room was adorable and cozy with a view of Pugent Sound. The Seattle Ace hotel is the first one opened in 1999. Most of the room have shared bathrooms but we got one of the few rooms with a private bathroom.

After we arrived and checked into our hotel, The Ace, we met Evelyn and Dion who biked over from their apartment. My plan was to Uber to the Seattle Public Library. The architecture of Seattle was exquisite.

I saw the library building on Pinterest and was excited to photograph it at sunset.


Guess who arrived at 8:03 pm? Yep, they were closed. We took a long stroll through the city looking for a place for dinner that wasn’t 21 and older (tip for those with kiddies, most of Belltown is not child-friendly) I loved the extraordinary buildings, most under renovation in downtown.

Totem poles are my jam! I wish I could photograph the intricate details better. This guy was so rad.

Evelyn found an Italian restaurant that was fancier than we anticipated. We were laughing because we were dining at a five star place but dressed like we were going on a picnic. Oh well, the lobster ravioli was incredible!


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