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Let me get off my holiday decor lament to share the best thing ever!!

Planet Awesome Kid

I really would love for this darling little boy to be friend’s with Liv!! He is super cute. I found his lovely mug on Planet Awesome Kid. Blown away by these kids stellar style. It’s totally like the Sartorialist for kiddies. I cannot tell you how lame I find kids dressed in Winnie the Pooh or their parent’s take them out of the house in pajamas *so wrong* It’s not as hard *or expensive* to dress your kid in clothes that are rad. Please join me on what I like to call

A Guide to dressing your kid so they will not hate you when they grow up and see photos of them in fugley attire
Babesta – Brooklyn based awesome coed clothes in all sizes *sadly Liv’s size is 99% of the time sold out* but they had me at this bib.
As a child of the 90’s I have been a Wu-Disciple for many years and I sooo wanted to order this guy for Liv while I was still preggers however, this glitter version sold out and now they only have a non-glitter version available and Liv is too cool to wear bibs anymore. Boo
There’s another awesome site that is for Little Dudes Only 
Little Dudes Only
Don’t tell anyone but I am seriously considering buying this Appaman Puffer Vest for Liv for when she starts pre-school next September *so how do you like that boys?*
American Apparel used to only sell clothes for sluts. But now they carry a decent kid’s line *only a few pair of hotpants* I like them so much I bought these today
Infant Stripe Short Sleeve One-Piece
She needed a striped shirt and I will add a monogram O to it once I go fabric shopping.
Organic Infant Baby Rib Skater Tank Dress
I kinda bought this dress with my new mustard dress in mind *I promise we won’t wear them at the same time* and I am planning to craft up some rosettes in different blues or greens. I may have to go back and pick up some opaque tights to finish this look. 
But let me warn you again, American Apparel is where the sluts shop!!
Children can rock out too! If you are in the mood for raising a lil punk or metalhead, this is your site. Baby Wit is the Mecca of all things hipster, trendy and ironic. May I present exhibit A:
I adore Mr. Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz!! Pick up something here next time you are looking for a birthday gift for a little one. They will be forever grateful you didn’t go to Gymboree.
Too many times I see a charming family where the parents all tattoo-ed and Gothy and I feel so bad for their kid stuck in an Elmo bodysuit that was obviously a gift from the grandparents. Why put up the charade? Be true to your dark weirdness. Check out My Baby Rocks

Cause they should rock hard!

So maybe you don’t want your kid repping for the new generation of the Kiss army. Then head over to Urban Runway Baby.

‘Nuff said!

Misha Lulu collections are so sweet it gives me a toothache. I can spend hours on this site secretly wishing these clothes came in adult sizes.

It’s really a blessing I can’t shop online since that would be trouble. Here is a great interview with the owner Karen Salazar, she’s all kinds of radness.

My last fave shop *besides the obvious top 3, duh

Of course they cost as much as a small car, but don’t fret, they do have amazing sales and if you get lucky you’ll find a returned item that gets marked down by like 70% 

A goldmine for the classics. I buy all of Liv’s denim, leggings, crisp white tees, socks and most of her dresses from here. I don’t even bother looking for a sale price anymore since their regular price is so reasonable, I would rather find something in her size than risk it selling out. I even forgive them for not choosing Liv in their casting contest last year.

I cannot vouch for their consistency with HIP bebe clothes but every now and then I will find an adorable dress or sweater that surprises me. Just stay away from the My Daddy Loves Me tops. Come on, unless you suck all Dad’s love their kids, so why state the obvious? I also caution any zebra/leopard or COW prints!! Not flattering at ANY age!! *with exception to shoes or accessories* Then there’s the Disney princess attire. I get it, all girls wish to be a fairy princess *well, maybe not Chaz Bono* I even have been found guilty of dressing Liv in a Disney dress but guess what? It was worn at DISNEYLAND!! Let them make the conscientious decision when they are old enough to know the name of the D-Princess they are rocking. It’s soooo played out!

Handsome in Pink

I’m just sayin’ you can be anything you want

It also doesn’t hurt that they have Designer collections at affordable prices *despite the insanity that ensues*

Back to my last pick for awesome kids clothes shopping. This one may be controversial due to the high prices but you gotta spend more for better quality. Crewcuts by J. Crew is pretty much going to be Olivia’s uniform when she starts kindergarten *she’s still too small for their sizes, sads*

J. Crew Aficionada

Come on, don’t these kids look like future UN Ambassadors? I am a firm believer in old school uniforms *just as I wore for 8 years until I went to public school and I turned hoochy*

*Tallest in my class even then*
However Liv’s school does not implement a uniform… yet! So I will pretty much will have to get used to the fact that I’ll have a daughter who dresses better than I do.
Bonus** If you like something, and you might not afford or it’s sold out, why not make it yourself? I am not the best seamstress but ever since Liv was born I have found a crafty side to myself that I never knew existed. I’ve had my hits and misses but I have fun making pieces for Liv and she gets more compliments in handmade stuff than any store bought stuff. So pick this book up and give it a shot. I am hoping to attempt all 20 little, lovely things.
You just may discover a hidden talent.

So that’s all folks. Happy shopping!!

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