Holiday Decor Lameness

Today Antz, Liv and I went searching for this year’s holiday decor inspiration but sadly nothing will look as awesome as the tree on the cover of Blueprint from 2007.

I am completely in love with this palette, the understated simplicity of the clear ornaments and the silver and gold wrapping paper. When I told Antz about my obsession with this pink tree he unleashed his power of logical thinking upon me and said, “If we aren’t having a party who will even see it?” Grrr, he is always right. I clearly need to rethink our holiday budget when I have a huge bedroom makeover project, Liv’s never-ending list of Christmas presents and I’m long overdue for a new laptop!

The tree is on sale here.
…Hear me out!! 
I know $150 is too much for a fake tree but it will last forever and it already has the mini lights attached.

 Totally has me dreaming of a pink/gold Christmas.

 I would love to make this wreath

Anthropologie had the BEST decorations a few years back but I talked myself out of spending hundreds of bucks on ornaments. Today I am kicking myself for not snagging these when they finally went on sale in January.

Mythic Nest Tree Topper

Aurora Tree Skirt

Happy Holidays Garland

Simply gor-geous! I am so disappointed in this year’s holiday decor is it me or did they wuss out this year? and Target wasn’t so great either. Three words, tacky & cheap! I didn’t like anything so we ended up empty-handed. Well, not exactly…I did score one item but it’s top secret. I’ll unveil it after Thanksgiving. I’m not so bummed we didn’t get a bunch of stuff I would only use one year since I am getting hoping to get my lovely pink tree when we move. I hate to admit waiting will make me appreciate it more since it will be in my Dream House. Especially if we have a kick-ass holiday soiree!

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