Rainy Saturday

It’s pretty gnarley weather in LA, we have kept the heat on and I’m not ever getting out from under my electric blanket *I’d take it to the bathroom if I could* so it seems we’re staying in today. Luckily I found a new obsession *like I need one* HOUZZ!! I already forgive them for the zz’s but I’ve spent all morning drooling over the lovely home decor. I’m kinda feeling lame uploading my shack’s meager photos. I totally need to kick up my home improvement projects *bedroom makeover, kitchen renovation, plumbing repair, new bathtub and shower tile* but I keep putting them off. Mainly because with every project we complete, another one sprouts up *I’m talking about you shitty plumbing* and I have so many important things on my list of priorities, our house doesn’t hold the same passion I used to have. I also worry that if we do repairs and renovations now,  by the time we sell *fingers crossed 2015* they will need updating again. I am constantly in a Catch-22 situation. I really wish we purchased in the early 2000’s like our other friends. They don’t know how good they have it with such a great purchase price and sitting on so much home equity. Zillow is generously estimating our house at $351,000. I know that’s a low-ball appraisal but remember folks we paid $489,000 for this house in 2006!!

There’s also the hazards the house is beginning to present for Liv. The front stairs and backyard aren’t exactly toddler-friendly *or drunk friends for that matter, I’ve seen some nasty spills on those stairs* Liv is starting to want to play outside and she finds every dangerous scenario to put herself into. The maintenance on an almost 100 year old house is very costly. Our HVAC unit definitely needs replacing. Our roof is showing it’s age and our foundation…I don’t even want to think about it. Our front porch and stairs are starting to move again *and every time it rains it worsens* which is bad news for any potential buyer. It will certainly be a miracle if we get any offers despite making all the repairs and renovating the kitchen. My philosophy is make it pretty as possible without any extensive costs and hope for the best. It makes no sense to me to spend $50k on this house and not recoup any of it. I would rather save that money for our new home. Then I look at the gorgeous homes on Houzz and I start to feel differently *way to be wishy-washy* and want to makeover every room.

Well, maybe once we makeover the bedroom I’ll feel better. I am positive getting that rad bedding from Anthropologie and finally getting a good night’s sleep on a new bed frame and mattress, I will be my happy happy self again!

I almost forgot to add…my friends are super talented and amazing. This is the fantastic art of Story.

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