My Rotten Apple

So last night Antz *along with everyone I know* had enough of me grumbling, complaining and whining about being computerless. Even though I went to Best Mediocre Buy on Black Friday and the Mac I wanted wasn’t on sale we went back on Cyber Monday and bought it. I’ve purchased cars in less time than this laptop. They couldn’t locate any Microsoft Office 2011 in stock so I have to go back on Thursday *they are giving me a special price* and I was talked into buying this guy since I tend to fill up memory with my billions of photos. I passed on the Apple TV for a few reasons; we already stream Netflix on our Wii, we doubt we would use it for the other features and I am over buying accessories I never end up using. I didn’t get the price I wanted but I do have 45 days to get a price adjustment *fingers crossed it will go down to the $1099 price*. So after 2 hours I came home with my new friend

The last time I owned a Mac was in 1998!!!

You would think I would be playing with my new toy but to be honest, I am afraid to even open the boxes. How can I put this…? I am a klutz when it comes to electronics. As someone who has gone through 3 iPhones this year, I can’t explain my bad luck. I am so worried about breaking it or Olivia dropping my new wireless mouse. I bought the “black tie” accidental *klutz-proof* warranty but I know they will find a way to cost me more money. I have so many files to transfer, I’ll need to find a bebesitter for Liv once I get started. So this may be my last post from a PC. I’m crossing over to the Mac side. Hopefully Antz will follow but he is pretty much the Mayor of PC-land.

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