Let’s catch up shall we?

So is everyone feeling 5 pounds heavier? All those leftovers are pretty much picked clean? Still wishing there was just one more slice of pumpkin pie left? Good, let’s all toast *raises a cup of Alka Seltzer* to an awesome Thanksgiving. I had a fabulous time with the family. We played games, ate, tried our best to keep Olivia from putting her hands in the cake *fail* and ate again, a little too much.

Grandma & Liv *she refused to take off her coat*
I’m sorta bummed you can’t see my pretty headband…I’ll take a better pic of it later
I am super thankful for these guys
Sis Clinnie, she is training and has decided to become the Incredible Shrinking Woman!

Antz made Deviled eggy weggys. I bought this egg caddy from Anthro exactly one week before it went one sale, D’OH!!
Muno was totally ready to eat

Antz finally got her out of her coat

Don’t be fooled folks, this kid can EAT!!

I attempted to take photos of everyone holding my ipad *since I forgot my chalkboard sign at home like a dope* so I can try to make this awesome book for Liv but my camera is a son of a bitch and people ended up looking too mugshot-ish so I may have to retake most of them. The only one I liked was of Antz sister, Clinnie *who looks amazing* but you can see how terrible the lighting is.

We were all so stuffed to remember to take a group photo. Later we stopped by Story & Chris’s to say hi and popped into bed super early *since I had to wake up at 3am for Black Friday*

Rad Thanksgiving!! Next year I’ll have to make a dish to share because for the first time Antz Mom ran out of food. However we did stock on yummy desserts!

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