Turkey Breath Softball Game


Not sure if the rest of the world is aware but Wednesday night *when I started this post* Los Angeles had the worst wind storm ever. Wind was an understatement. You may be chuckling to yourself and thinking, “A storm in LA? Heh, not impressed” Our house was rocking and our windows rattled. I was terrified that they would break from the 97 miles per hour winds. REE-DIC-U-LOUS!! We camped out in the living room watching the electrical transformers blow out from the storm. At first it was awesome but after the 19th one it was SCARY! Liv was cool until our power went out and then the entire city as far as we could see for miles was in complete darkness. I scrambled our 5 flashlights out and only 2 of them worked. I felt really unprepared for an emergency. Note to self: Maybe the garage is not the best place for our emergency kit since we couldn’t access the garage due to the power being out.

We had to call my Mom and get updates from her. Luckily, Antz accidentally took my garage opener to work so I parked my car on the street or else I would have not had my car. We finally went to bed after 2:30am but the wind was howling and our power was out for 42 hours!! The Water & Power department promised the power would be turned back on in 48 hours so they cut it really close. Let me say I have been MISERABLE for the past 2 days. Not only does not having power suck but it was really cold in our house. No amount of blankets kept me warm. I picked the wrong night to sleep with a Moroccan Oil hair mask because I had no blow dryer or flat iron for 2 days *Gross* I spent a lot time at Aimee’s since being at home was unbearable. So, lesson learned, keep plenty of batteries in the house, I really need to buy a battery operated radio and ALWAYS keep my phone charged!!

We lost 15 shingles from the roof and our umbrella broke but I was happy our 82 year old house didn’t collapse under the strong winds.


Roof shingle corpse
Our disemboweled hammock
this guy was right aound the corner from our house

So every year my friends Carlos & Stephanie * I married these guys in September* host a friendly After Thanksgiving softball game. We attended this year *with intentions to cheer the players from the comforts of the bleachers* but I was a sport and I participated. I haven’t been physical for months so I definitely had sore limbs after the game but it was super fun despite being the hottest day in November ever. Antz hung out with Liv and took photos documenting how much I suck at softball *last time I played I was a junior in high school. over a DECADE ago!!* Clinnie came out and joined us and I was impressed by her sporty skills but she does work out like 5 times a day.

Before I load the photos from the game *that my team totally won* I have to backtrack a bit to explain the origins of this awesome outfit Liv is modeling.

New Misha Lulu Dress
 Sunday we went to the Eagle Rock Block party.


Leanna Lin’s Wonderland is all kinds of radness




Kinda regret not getting these…I am a Cali Girl at heart!



This store has too many cute things for me.
Then we went to Kumquat where I found this adorable Misha Lulu dress…on sale too!
I also found these Livie & Luca shoes there but I’m getting them next year for pre-school
We attended an origami class and I made this lovely swan.
As much as I liked this headband from Anthro, I gave it to Aimee since it looks better on her with her new haircut
Now back to the softball game, my team kicked ass. I didn’t strike out once *Yay me*





Always appropriate


After the game we went to CPK with Clinnie and I ordered the yummiest cobb salad ever!! Sorry this post took so long but I promise 2 more are coming soon. Tomorrow morning we are attending the Winter Solstice at Liv’s soon-to-be Preschool and I have a huge post about the arrival of my Black Friday shopping spree *those are Antz words, not mine*
Good Night Lovelies!

PS This is my first post from the new Mac. I feel like I’m typing on glass, the weight is amazing but I worry about hurting it. I also am quite frustrated with the browsing speed of Safari and I am completely baffled at why some of my photos aren’t showing up. I’m going to Best Buy tomorrow to pick up my Microsoft Office so I’ll ask about it then. So far, so-so!

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