A Lizzie Guide to Gift Giving

First let me say, you will be tempted to give someone *maybe your crazy cat owning Aunt* a giftcard. I have been guilty of the last minute giftcard to Barnes & Noble and I’m not proud of it. It’s impersonal, lazy and shows how much you think of that person. Unless you are dropping 100 bills at the recipient’s fave store *ahem, Anthropologie* then NO! I have gotten so many $25 giftcards to stores I would never shop at, and if I did, I’m spending at least $50 so Thanks jerk, now I have to come out of my pocket for my own thoughtless gift.

Hold on…Liv is being too quiet.

Okay, turns out she was pulling out my tulips to “sniff” So here’s a few rad gift ideas so you don’t get the fake “I love this” smile on Christmas. Added bonus, have your presents wrapped professionally. Most of the time places offer free wrapping with purchase. Nothing says CLASSY like a nicely wrapped gift.


Mister Franklin is always welcome under my tree!!

Hear me out… my Mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year. I know this is a trap. If I tell her I had my eye on a pair of boots or a cute sweater I will end up with the fuglyiest snowman sweater or a pair of Fugg boots in brown *because my sweet Mom refuses to buy name brand* So I opted for cash. This gives her the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing I got something I really like *I’ll show you what I bought next week* and I am allowing her to stick to her own budget. WIN-WIN! Unless you get cash from your 85 year old Grandmother, cause cash to them always means a check and their bank closed back during the Reagan era. Also, her budget is gonna be under $10…she’ll tell you not to spend it all in one place.


Antz first ipod…we still have it, and it works!

Noone in the history of presents has been disappointed with an ipad, a new video game system or a personal “massager” *we all know what she’s gonna use that for* It’s what you give someone you see often so you can mention ever so casually, how’s that Blu Ray player treating you? However, you must purchase electronic gifts on Black Friday since any sale beyond November will be a sale price in disguise. No matter how great 40% may sound, they pushed the regular price up by 40% so you are still spending full price, don’t fall for it. An ipad 2 would be on my list if I already didn’t get one for our anniversary.

If you don’t want to spend a small fortune on someone I love these Gela skins for ipad, iphone, laptops or a kindle. RAD!

Rusty of Unusual Circumstance by Travis Louie


Not the lame kind for kiddies. This may only apply to a small group of people but 80% of my peeps are artists so toys really blow their skirts up. There is a place in Hollywood called Wacko’s which is our go-to spot for stellar gifts. It’s hard not to find something incredible in any price range. Now if there isn’t a Wacko’s in your area, try My Cereal Art. They have amazing artists and fun, unique pieces that are definite conversation starters.

Too Young to Die ashtray by Yoshitomo Nara

I would die if someone gave me this. Of course I don’t smoke but I adore Yoshitomo Nara. LOVE IT!! NEED IT!!


This can be tricky. You need to know the person’s taste really well or have heard them mention an item in passing *oh, I need a new teapot or it’s cold I could use some mittens* I can’t tell you how many good intentioned folks *including my own beloved* have bought me some wacky gift from the Hello Kitty store just because they know I like that place. I do, however, I am quite selective about what I get that is HK. I will totally use a Hello Kitty Checkbook holder and pen. There are occurrences where Hello Kitty can cross the line of tacky and may not work *a giant Hello Kitty plush doll* so think first, is this item functional? then, would I like this as a gift? and last, ALWAYS include a gift receipt!!! Don’t leave someone you care about high and dry with a Hello Kitty chess set that you thought they would love and now it’s hogging up space under their bed covered in dust. The best bet are practical yet cute pieces. Think scarf, cute socks or maybe a bag *like this guy*

Bonus: Get it monogrammed, so lovely

I first saw the Cambridge Satchel at J Crew and was thinking Liv could use it for school, but I think I need to have it and maybe she can borrow it when she’s older. I doubt anyone would find this bag less than super charming. Unless you’re a dick!

FOOD or even Booze!!

Some of my most memorable gifts have been edible. Peppermint bark, sea salt caramels…perfectly baked chocolate chip cookies. Totally within anyone’s budget and shows you care *or you don’t care if they are on a diet* So maybe you’re not Wolfgang Puck in the kitchen, fake it…Williams-Sonoma sells delightful yummies that you can bag yourself and bask in your deceitful glory. Tell me you wouldn’t love to get this from your Secret Santa?? Normally I’m not an alcohog but I certainly wouldn’t mind some moonshine that is just expensive enough that I wouldn’t buy it for myself.

Personalized Gingerbread house

It’s personalized so you can really gloat over your mad giftin’ skillz. Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me!


This is always an overlooked gift option when you head to the mall to buy $20 gift sets from Bath & Bodyworks *Don’t do it!!!* Honestly, I’m pretty certain I have regifted every soap set I’ve ever received. It’s never a scent I like and it comes in the smallest size known to man. I couldn’t even wash my hands with those things. Think outside the box. Haven’t you said, gee I would love to go to that wine tasting place if I had someone to go with me. This is a 2-fer situation. You give a gift and you get to spend time with someone you like *or even love*. Concert tix, road trip to wine country, cooking classes, dance lessons, skydiving *if you are insane* couple’s massage *ooooh* or even a crafty class like sewing, knitting or even origami.

Sew LA, all that lovely fabric, swoon

I’ve been wanting to take a class here for months. The point is make memories, try something you’ve always wanted to and include a person you think would enjoy it.

Tonight I am going to my friend Mia’s Candy Apple decorating party. It is guaranteed to be Fucking Fantastic!!

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