New Year’s Resolutions 2012

Ah, it’s that time again. I feel like I just wrote my list of last year’s resolutions. Before I delve into my new list, I would like to look back on how well I did in the ’11.

NYE in Vegas 2005

Diet & Exercise *the one everyone says they’ll do yet give up by February*

I can’t say I’m where I want to be weight-wise or nutrition but I am improving. I am surprised by how many new foods I gave a chance this year. I am still a food brat but at least I’ve changed my status from food snob. Antz and I will be spending more time outdoors and eating less junk but don’t expect to see me in a gym anytime soon.

Save like my life is depending on it

This one is tricky, we are saving in a solid way…buuuut, most of it is for Liv’s pre-school tuition so it will be dwindling once we pay in March. I did manage to save by paying off some plastic *see below* but Antz car repairs took a bite out of it. Good news is, we have a whole $80 from Etsy profits in savings for our trip to Paris! Let me quote my wise Mum “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time

Get off the Plastic *Credit Card Debt*

We started off in a major way, paid off $10k in cold, hard cash from our tax refund but then we hit a bump in the late summer when we had an unexpected plumbing emergency. Then my Dell had a fatal heart attack and I had to get my Mac Air so I can’t say we have a $0 balance like I wanted *Boo* Although, I did pay off our Lowes card and closed the account. I also paid off another card but I’m keeping that guy open since it’s our oldest card and I don’t want our Fico score to drop *learned that from Suze Orman* so we’re definitely looking better than last year. I know I can do it with some discipline.

Stop Procrastinating *yeah, right*

I think this is the biggest improvement I made in the past year. I stepped up my get-shit-done-ness in a major way. I crossed off a few things on my Life List and believe it or not, on Christmas day Antz, Aimee and I were at Starbucks drive-thru and I paid for the car behind mine *YAY* I learned how to sew like a BOSS

I became a Martha Stewart protégé, craftin’ and bakin’! I wasn’t late to appointments that often and I gave thoughtful gifts from the heart with wrapping paper I could feel proud of.

Made from the lovely paper and Lucky cat stamp from the FABulous Yard Sale

Home Improvement Projects

Another gold star for Lizzie! We have done more to the house in the last 2 years than in the entire 5 years we’ve owned this place. Replaced our *100 year old* water heater, remodeled the bathroom and soon we’ll reveal our bedroom makeover. We are planning on installing a brand new Ikea kitchen in 2013 but we have to get our plumbing updated first. If we keep this up, we might actually acquire some equity in this joint.

Learn French

Merde, I cannot seem to learn this language. I took a Conversational French class with 2 of my friends over the summer and although I did enjoy learning how to say my name and which day it was but I didn’t pick up enough to carry a decent conversation. I mentioned in my previous post that I bought some new software and here is it.

It’s not the Rosetta Stone I wanted but this is an affordable version and I can use it on my ipad. I must practice more often and attempt to speak French on a daily basis. Wish me Bonne Chance!
So on to my New Year’s Resolutions 2012 *just in case the Mayans are wrong*

I’m pretty much keeping last year’s list for obvious reasons but I would like to add one important item that has been grossly overlooked for the past 9 years.
TRAVEL/Go to more Shows

I’m not talking about a road trip to San Diego or a few days in Vegas. I would LOVE to go to Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary *of course you know this cause I won’t stop talking about it* I want to use my passport and take a plane ride *our last trip on a plane was in 2008 for Antz nephew’s wedding in Sacramento* I also want to work on my list of bands I want need to see. I definitely missed out on some great shows last year *Robyn at the Hollywood Bowl, Jon Brion & Fiona Apple at the Largo* I need to step my shows game up next year. I have a strong case of Wanderlust yet I have so many other goals to achieve so it’s difficult to just book a trip willy, nilly. I am trying to find balance with paying off debt, saving, and wanting to improve this house all while wanting to travel. I suppose I can patiently wait until 2014 for Paris.

Bands to See in 2012

Björk *this is a given as soon as she announces her tour dates but I want to see her somewhere I haven’t been before*

Coachella Music Festival *this is killing 2 birds with 1 stone, so many incredible bands I would be able to see here*

Tom Waits *Oh it would be heaven to see him at Coachella!!!*

Belle & Sebastian

Blonde Redhead


Daft Punk

April March *this is tricky, she hasn’t toured in awhile*


Brazilian Girls

Devendra Banhart


Beach House

Cat Power

Arcade Fire

Oh Land


Well, one more day until I share my surprise. I am so looking forward to it! Anyone else working on their resolutions?

Auld Lang Syne y’all!

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