Legoland March 1999

Sadly we had to postpone our trip to Carlsbad due to Antz extreme migraine. My poor hubby has been in pain since Tuesday night. He hardly ever complains so I know he is hurting. I couldn’t bear to drag him on a 1 1/2 hour drive and walk around all day in the sun with his throbbing head. We tried Advil, Extra strength Motrin and a cold compress to no avail. He did manage to take a nap for 2 hours but we had to take him to see a doctor. The good news, it is a migraine and nothing more serious *Thank God* However, the bad news is there is no cure for migraines and we have no idea what the cause could be. He’s taking a prescription and trying to relax more often. Tomorrow we are going to Bed, Bath & Beyond to get him a contour memory foam pillow as the doc recommended.

Well, at least he has the next 3 days to feel better, poor guy. I’m working on a new feature that I want to post soon but I have to teach myself this new software I bought. Anyone have any suggestions on working with Photoshop Elements? Oh and guess what? I ended up exchanging my Mac Air 128GB for a 256 GB. I should have just bought the bigger one to begin with yet I was trying to stay on budget. I also bought some new software *which you’ll hear about soon*

Doesn’t it suck when you get sick during a vacay? This has been the quickest week of my life, yet I’ve been driving for hours everyday *we’re at my Mom’s in Apple Valley* long story.

Later Skaters!

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