Mix Tape Fridays Vol.13

So this shall be the last Mix Tape for 2011 *tear* In retrospect I wish I posted more of these but maybe you’ll agree with me it’s quality over quantity, right? This week is brought to you from my current playlist which you may find to be quite random.

Random photo circa 2002

This is Antz & mine’s most favorite and extra played out song. This movie was impactful to us now that we are parents but it was also amazing visually and audibly just as Dancer in the Dark was. Lars is a complete ass but he knows how to make interesting films. He gets the cast just right *Udo Kier is my man and Alexander Skarsgard is lovely to look at, me likey* and you become enveloped into the storyline even when you have no idea what’s happening. We are total classical music geeks!

Wagner “Tristan and Isolde” Melancholia Sountrack

This is an oldie but goodie. I have been going through a hippie-pop-folk phase and I loved this song ever since I heard it in The Virgin Suicides. Holy shit, I am so loving his owl feather eyebrows and Farrah Fawcett hair but not so much his gnarley teeths. The 70’s was one fucked up decade!!

“Hello, It’s Me” Todd Rundgren

Speaking of hippies, this French version of the Turtles “So Happy Together” makes me so happy. Please forgive the Get Him to the Greek video…it was the only one I could find.

“Heureux tous les deux” Frank Alamo *however my version is from Pop a Paris – Rock N’ Roll and Mini Skirts Vol.1*

While I’m on the French playlist…I recently bought this album just based on this AH-mazing cover. Wasn’t I pleasantly surprised to find so many rad songs and this hidden gem by a little lady by the name of ADELE!!! *no, not that Adele but they are similar*

I am obsessed with vinyl album covers from the 60s!!

“J’ai peur parfois” Adele

Alright this one is my last Frenchy, I promise, but she’s an American singing in English who happened to be discovered in Paris *at age 15!!*. I really believe she’s the reincarnated spirit of Billie Holiday. Her voice gives me the Vapors *in an awesome way* Bitch can SING! She just made it on my list of folks to see live next year *which you will hear more about on my New Years Resolutions post coming soon*

“Instead” Madeleine Peyroux

Let’s break up the French monotony with some Björk shall we? This woman is too rad for words.
Oh, did I mention I bought Biophilia on vinyl? YAY ME!!

Slowly building my vinyl collection

“Crystalline” Björk

Alright, here’s something to shake yo ass to. Go ahead, proceed to shake it!!

“I’m Mikey” The Cool Kids

This one is dedicated to my Antz, I love you, lovely. This is fucked up!

“Black Swan” Thom Yorke

I adore this guy. He is Natalie Portman’s ex and adorable. I would hook Aimee up with him if I could.

Dirty little hipster.

“Shabop Shalom” Devendra Banhart

Sometimes I’m in the mood for some good German electronica *Kraftwerk, KMFDM, & Rammstein* okay maybe they are more metal than electronica but you get the picture. This song needs to be my theme song.

“Don’t Break My Heart” Roman Flügel

Loving this band!! A LOT

“Pussy” Brazilian Girls

Pretty much an unknown fact is I went to high school with relatives of the Pharcyde. I get super nostalgic whenever I hear Passin’ me by. Fatlip has always been my favorite of the group and his solo album is pretty sch-weet. Even better, he has a duet with Chemical Brothers that is STELLAR!! I’m sure noone born after 1992 has any idea who these guys are *shit I’m an old lady*

“What’s Up Fatlip” Fatlip

Since this is the very last Mix Tape of the year, I had to add some B&S flavor to it. Oh man, I would die and go to heaven if I ever seen them live. I am hoping to see them soon *preferably in Europe* They rock so eloquently!

“Funny Little Frog” Belle & Sebastian

Let’s finish this in a seriously random, rockin’ way. There’s no need for an introduction. You know the man, you know the legend…

“Careless Whisper” George Michael

Just in case you need your Christmas song fix, you can go here for last year’s Holiday Mix Tape.

Happy Happy New Year Lovelies!! I can’t wait to post tomorrow *it’s so hard to keep this a surprise*

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