2011: A Look back

I kinda rushed through my resolutions post so I’m going to reflect on all the things we experienced, ate, made, loved *I love everything don’t I?* and trips we took this year. For me feeling like complaining we didn’t travel that much, we did get out of the house pretty much every weekend. We did quite a bunch of fun things!

We started out the year with our Incredible Disneyland Photo shoot with the talented Sarah

Antz went to San Francisco for his company party *his job is super awesome*

Olivia became a music aficionado at her World Citizen Dance Class.

I got a Hello Kitty sewing machine for my birthday and learned how to sew. So happy I crossed this off my Life List

I made these Badass Mofos
Made Liv a Pillowcase dress

We remodeled our bathroom *and I embraced my inner Design Star*

Our biggest DIY project so far

I laid the floor tile myself

Antz installed the new *taller* toilet and sink

We added a pop of color to our medicine cabinet

We took Liv and Antz nephew, Justin, to the Kid’s Choice Awards. We didn’t get slimed!

We went Banksy hunting

We attended the Renegade Craft fair which as THE SHIT!! I couldn’t contain my geekyness and Liv showed off her wings…

which launched our Etsy shop business boom.

Personalized Glitter Banners
Our Best Seller Chalkboard signs
Personalized Cartoon Print
Scalloped Wings/Cape

I bought a new car  *Love my Snowball IV

Olivia got ready for her closeup with her Headshot Photo shoot with Sarah at the Los Angeles Arboretum.

Sarah working her magic

I am trying like hell to get Liv signed to a great agency!!

Liv turned ONE!!! We celebrated in style at the W San Diego, the Zoo and SeaWorld!  

We saw Florence + the Machine *She is insane live, really great show*

I dragged Antz to a million farmers markets *Our favorite is Northridge*

South Pasadena farmers market

Liv and I attended our first ComicCon in San Diego *Nerd City*

We had a lovely beach day

California Girl!

Itsy bitsy, teeny weeny tankini

 Aimee moved into her dream apartment and had a kick ass birthday/housewarming party

I made her this amazing fascinator

Antz painted these cuties for Aimee

I had the honor of officiating my friend’s 9/10/11 Wedding of the Year

I made these for the Newlyweds *wish I made them for our wedding*

We made this banner for them

My Dell died, Boo!

But…I got my new Mac Air!

We went to Taste of LA *and it was extremely delish* I hope we can go next year.

FOOD Glorious FOOD!

We ate and drank ourselves silly

 I sewed Liv’s Halloween *chicken* costume, all-by-myself!

Olivia and her rad wings were featured on Planet Kid Awesome

We had a major windstorm that caused the entire city to black out. We didn’t have power for 2 whole days!

We lost some roof shingles

We also lost our Patio umbrella and our hammock

Olivia Lily grew and grew


We put in her new big girl car seat today…she totally outgrew her other car seat. She’ll be 19 months on January 2, 2012!!

2011 was pretty awesome. I am so stoked about 2012!

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