Happy New Year’s Eve

Greetings from…

Starting off the New Year at the DUB!
Yay, mini-vacay
We are so color coordinated

Holy shit, let me tell you how hard it was to keep this a secret. Guess who figured it out last week…? Anthony! I suck at keeping secrets from him. He always knows when I’m up to something and he kept guessing we were going to Las Vegas, but No Way Jose!! Ideally we would be in San Francisco but this is just as nice. There is non-ice skating outside and we just ordered the most delicious room service ever! I am stuffed and lounging in our Spectacular suite watching Kim & Kourtney Take NY, nothing else is on and I can’t take any more Yo Gabba Gabba! *don’t tell Liv* There’s a big party at Whiskey Blue for New Year’s eve tonight but we’re gonna hang in our king size bed *DELIGHTFUL* drink champagne and watch telly. Tomorrow Antz is getting a massage at the Bliss Spa for his migraine and I’m gonna get a much needed pedicure. Here’s some more photos of this joint. We didn’t get that many before dark but tomorrow morning I’ll try to get better shots. Every room in this place is super dark so, of course, the Nikon is being dumb.


Oooh, hallways to run down
Spectacular Suite
Eames molded chairs, LOVELY!
This blur is me jumping on the bed
See how bad our camera sucks
Most important place for Mommy
Actually we can’t keep Liv out of there
Le Bar
Jumpy Jump!

Room Service
Twirly Whirly
She hasn’t sat still for the past 2 hours
I tried every setting, GAH!
Finally I changed to the wide lens. A little better
Mmm, tasty remotes
The Backyard
My fave photo…why can’t I be in a good picture?
Cozy Cabanas
Fake Skate, no ice
I adore the W, but the exterior of their buildings leave little to the imagination
Chilling with my little ball of sunshine
It’s snowing!
Faux Soap Snow
Indoor lighting BUMS me out
Soooo good, Nomm nomm nomm!
Okay, I need to get blogging now
Somebody is OBSESSED with these boxes
We are having the most FABulous time
We are in heaven! Happy New Year…2012 is gonna be RAD!!

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