New Years 1982?

This morning we we watching the Rose Parade but not really paying much attention. Then Antz was like why is that woman’s car so old school. We were joking about how she was driving her own car and it was weird they would feature such a crappy car in the parade. Then we went downstairs for breakfast. What a disaster. Okay, I get it, the morning after New Year’s Eve keep your expectations low but this restaurant was a mess. There was no host so after standing around we seated ourselves. Then we had to search for menus. There was a self  serve bar with coffee, yogurt and pastries so we grabbed some fruit for Liv to keep her at bay. Then I noticed everyone had orange juice but the self serve pitcher was empty. Finally I saw the poor waiter who wished he’d called in sick was working alone and doing about 4 people’s job. I took pity on him and asked him for OJ when he had a chance. Then out of nowhere 3 other guys *whom looked like busboys* appeared and started taking other people *who came in long after us* orders. Ummm, no! Olivia is practically screaming at this point and my patience is wearing thin. I had to hunt down a waiter twice and finally we got our order in after 33 minutes. By the then we had our OJ and Liv was ready to go and made it known to everyone in there. Antz took her out for a walk *where he met the cutest little boy with his parents who was having a similar meltdown* The waiter brought us our food just under an hour and I had to ask him to bring it to our room cause Liv was not dining in the restaurant. Of course he says he will have to charge us a room service fee but whatever, my New Year’s french toast was ice cold by then and we waited another 15 minutes for them to bring the food upstairs. It wasn’t awful but it wasn’t delish either.

The restaurant that noone works at
J’adore French petit jam

Yikes, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to take her to restaurants. I used to be one of those folks rolling my eyes and judging the poor parents of a boisterous child. Fine, I get it now. I don’t want to stop taking her out but any suggestions would help. She wasn’t hungry *I nursed her earlier* and she wasn’t cranky, just bored with sitting still and waiting.

Unsuccessfully distracting Liv
Poor hungry babies
Meh, would be tastier if it was served hot

By the time we made it back to the room I finally looked on the facebook and saw that the Rose Parade traditionally never takes place on a Sunday so the parade we were watching was from 1982. Duh, that explains the crappy old car and the cu-razy bouffant hair we saw earlier. So now Liv is watching her daily dose of YGG and I’m loading photos on my camera *who I am pretty sure hates me* and Antz is taking a nap before his Bliss massage, which I am praying relieves his migraine. We are going to veg out most of today and I’ve got a stack full of magazines that need to be read. Hopefully we can provide some entertainment for Liv since this has been her fave thing to do since we got here.

More bubbly please

They don’t have DVR here so I am forced to watch commercials. If I hear Janet Jackson’s creepy whisper voice from that Nutri-system shit, I’m gonna scream. Also, I hate when a spokeperson for a weight loss company only is showed from the waist up…hello, you’re supposed the be the image of a knock out body and I can only see your neck, bad marketing technique!! I am soooo tempted!!

Sorry for the bitchy rant, overall I love this place, just had a bumpy start this morning. I am looking forward to my Bliss Foot Patrol pedicure *I love that they address Franken-feet which is exactly what I’m bringing!!* later this afternoon.

Taa Tah!


Just returned from my pedicure. Umm, I am about to sound a little bitchy *so what else is new?* but my pedicure was no bueno. I have been an avid Bliss fan ever since our first stay in San Jose when we went to see Björk in 2007 *best show ever!* so I had high expectations from my first visit to the famous Bliss Spa *at the steep rates they charge you should receive a small bar of gold with every treatment* The facility was a bit lackluster and they were playing Justin Timberlake circa 2007. I was like Really?! when I saw the chairs they had for the pedicure station. They were not intended for the woman of the giant persuasion like myself. So I am trying to fit my legs in the 10 inch space between the tiny chair and the foot tub when I see my pedicurist. She was cute *like in a hot nanny for a celebrity couple trouble* but I knew she was not bringing her Foot game today. I mean, Bliss advertised they can tame Franken-feet and I took that as a challenge. So she has on gloves, that’s fine, I’m used to it from my regular spot *Gloss in Silverlake, love you* and if I was in her shoes I wouldn’t want to touch some one’s gross feet either. However, she was touching me like I had the Ebola virus. I mean soft and lethargic. I don’t know if she was hungover or grossed out by my Andre the Giant feet. Not good. I am so used to my regular lady who is in her late 50s, and has hands comparable to the Hulk, beats the fuck out of my feet and legs in a totally good way and can scrub my thick wall of impenetrable callus. This chick massaged me like a feather. I was so excited to have a relaxing massage but the entire time I was hoping for it to end. My feet and legs were whispering to me what is this broad doing to us? I did like the hot salt scrub so I bought some to use after a shower. I chose this lovey teal for the polish and I like the overall result but I know she didn’t do a thing for my callus heels.

Pre-pedi tootsies…Saltwater sandals rule

Chair from hell!
Hot salt scrub-a-dub!
Poor little thing, I bet her arm is gonna need ice tonight
My enormous feet
OPI, too bad I forgot the name of the color

Where’d you get that FABulous vintage turquoise bracelet you ask? Why the Bando Yard sale of course!
I wish my massage was Más Fuerte!!

I hate to admit the W is starting to disappoint. I’m going to chalk it up to being  major holiday so the service is going to suffer. Speaking of chalk…this is our 4th stay at a W and I cannot believe they don’t have chalkboards in the room. I was so ready to make a Happy New Year sign, Boo! I hope our next stay exceeds our expectations. I didn’t even tell you about my shower mishap…

The shower scene with Desi Arnaz is akin to what happened to me.

So tomorrow is check out. I can’t believe how time accelerates when you’re on vacation. Antz goes back to work and Liv starts her new Scruffin Rock dance class on Friday. Did you lovelies have any misadventures for the New Year?

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