Farmer’s Market 90210

This Sunday we kidnapped Antz Mom and went to the Beverly Hills farmers market. We’ve been to this one before but this time they had a new feature…

Petting Zoo!!

Aww man, this pony looks like he’s thinking FML!!
Liv was rocking out hard to this sitar player

I tried to catch her dancing but she moves too fast

This is my Hurry up with my crepe pose.

What’s that over there?
The magic that is crepes. I had a strawberry, banana & Nutella crepe.
Fresh Apple Pomegranate juice is my new fave
Antz had a carne/sausage sandwich. He reassured me it was tasty. The man loves his meat!

We should sell our persimmons

How about some kettle corn?
Wanna know what’s NOT awesome? Nutella boob stain! She did it.
Got my loot, bye!

Next we stopped by my favoritest place in the world. I had a gift card from the BFF so I finally bought my Orimono Pillow!!

Anthro Beverly Hills is FUCKING STELLAR!!
Hi, I live here now.

I need to own this top. Looking out for it to go on sale

You look FABulous, darling!
This chair…needs to live in my living room!

Yeah, He’s the BOSS in this chair
Another B for our collection
Total Lizzie dress
My Mom will die when she sees this teepee
Paltry sale section
So this is my inspiration for my desk in the bedroom.
CU-RAZY lady!
Antz is under the impression I can sew a blanket like this…we shall see
Memorized by this book
Believe it or not, Antz got this jump on the first try. He’s either getting better or my hang time has improved.

Just a bit of a frolic
This place is so much fun

WOWEE!!! Mind Blown
I almost died when I saw this piece by Yoshitomo Nara. I wannit SUPER BAD!!
J’adore Pantone

Me and this guy are pals

How adorable are the waitresses?
World’s largest ottoman
Would it be that weird if I had this in my house?
Nothing weird going on here
I love my Mommy-in-law!

Okay, I’ve been uploading photos all day and I’ve got to get up early to take Antz to the airport. Nighty Night.

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