Oh, the Places We’ll Go!

Every time I read this book to Olivia *in short intervals as she doesn’t sit still these days* I get inspired to travel. Back in our old days of youth, Antz and I would spontaneously book a trip and I wouldn’t care about itineraries or putting together a tight budget. We’d charge it or eat ramen noodles for a month *we went to Venice, Italy with $200* in the name of travel and adventure. Now-a-days with upcoming preschool tuition, kitchen remodeling plans and trying to break free from the plastic chains, it’s much more complicated to plan a trip. We just spent 2 days *disappointingly in town* but it was nice to ring in the New Year at the W *and cross it off my List*. So now I am thinking of what travel deals can I snag for the rest of the year? I’m considering San Francisco or Palm Springs for Liv’s birthday but it sucks that I rarely find airline or hotel deals for that weekend since it’s the first weekend of June *which is the peak season for travel destinations* Then I’m crazy dreaming of spending our 10 year anniversary in Hawaii in August. I’m also thinking of how lovely it would be to visit our niece and nephew, Evelyn & Dion, while they are in Paraguay with the Peace Corps. The flight lands in Peru so we could meet up and go to Manchu Picchu *how amazing!* However, how likely is this with a soon to be 2 year old? My biggest issue with traveling to Paraguay is how long would I survive without Target or Jamba Juice? On top of all these crazy travel wishlists, I would LOVE to see Björk live and she has confirmed 5 shows this year in Spain, Portugal, Poland & Russia.

Biophila album cover

I saw an incredible Travel channel show about Lisbon so now I’m dying to go to Portugal and Spain.


So quaint and off the beaten track

If we lived in New York our flights would be 30% less. Another roadblock I encounter is, I’m very preferential to certain airlines. Virgin Atlantic, JetBlue are my top choices. I have flown the full spectrum from the cheapest *and ghetto* Air Trans flight to New York *they lost my luggage and we had a 4 hour delay in Chicago cause something broke on the plane, NOT GOOD!* Then I was fortunate enough to get bumped up on Virgin Atlantic into first class. After flying in coach for so many years, it’s hard to consider going back. Antz has flown the most luxurious business class on Singapore Air *3 times*

His first flight to Singapore, this is the only time in our 15 year history I’ve seen him beardless

So I’m constantly at odds with traveling Luxe *less often* or on a budget and go more places.

Here’s my 2012 wishlist:

March 20th *for my 35th birthday*



June 2nd *for Liv’s 2nd*



June 9th   *Björk show*

Porto, Portugal. Primavera Sound Porto

*Bonus: Beach House, Wilco & the XX*

It looks like Venice

August 18th *our 10 year wedding anniversary*



December 25th *Christmas vacay*


Montreal ...in 36 hours


That’s not asking too much, right? I’ll be happy if we make it to just two of these locations.

3 thoughts on “Oh, the Places We’ll Go!

  1. Travel more less luxurious…you won't regret going( (in most instances) as long as you are safe and clean, and when you go to fab locations you don't spend a lot of time indoors…think of how cool it would be to say you been to Peru and/or Spain. We took my daughter internationally at 18 months…first night was hard then no biggie, and now we have cute pics and memories of her in Paris and London. We go to Hawaii every year low key but we get to go every year because of that so I wouldn't r
    Trade it.

  2. Thanks Khaira,
    That is super cool you've traveled internationally with your 18 monther. Sounds dreamy to give your child such a strong, worldly start.

    I'll try my best…just checked out *cheap* flights to Lisbon in June. Only $2792!! I really want to go to Hawaii, everyone in the world has been. I'm still saving for Paris but this time it's gonna be 5 star all the way. Plus I have to have a photo shoot with Pauline Darley. Today Bjork just announced tour dates in NY in February so now I'm trying to convince Antz to go.

  3. Did you fly with your daughter in your lap or paid for her own seat? I'm on the fence with spending that much money but I want Liv to be safe.
    How did she do on the long flight?

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