Engagement Soiree

Did I mention my friends Jessica & Trevor are getting married!!

Last Friday was their engagement party

Party People!!! If you sing Whoop there it is, I’ll punch you!
This little guy came home with us…BUT Antz “accidentally” knocked him over in the car so we lost most of the dirt.
Red lips *my bangs are making me so happy right here*
Parking lot chic
Poor Antz, between me acting like a crackhead over the chicken and Liv’s rambunctious behavior, he was spent.
Total Naughty girl face
Happy Happy Bride-to-be
This little girl was not appreciatin’ ANY of Liv’s jokes *that is some MAJOR side eye she’s giving*
Smiley faces *except Liv*

Let me say, Jessica looked STUNNING.

She’s going to be a lovely bride

**Trevor looked quite dapper as well. However my Nikon battery died 5 minutes into the party *as it always does* so I only got a few shots with my iPhone.

However the most impressive thing I encountered at their party was a little guy named Chicken Tandoori.

I tried to get a photo of the delish-ness but folks were eyeballing me.  I begged Antz to stuff some in his socks for me.

I ate so much tandoori chicken I embarrassed stuffed myself. It was worth all 5 trips to the buffet line among the incredulous glares. Now I must go to the restaurant it was catered from Jasmine in West LA. Has anyone else had a food so good you had to smuggle a plate home in your *good* purse?

Oh, and they announced their wedding date. It’s their 10 year anniversary date, how sweet!

It’s gonna be in Santa Barbara like I thought, *awesome* Then we stopped by Aimee’s job for a late night howdy to the BFF! V-town on a Friday night is CRAY-CRAY!

Happy Happy Friday the 13th!!

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