Keepin’ it Classy

Oh, haven’t you heard? Bird is the word!!! I’m in a totally silly mood today. My Mommy accompanied us to class and for some reason I thought it was our last class but yippee, two more weeks!!

Shakin her booty with Grams

I am trying to figure out which classes I want to enroll Liv in for spring. Definitely swimming lesson at Rose City Aquatics and more Scruffin Rock but I am considering an art classes at Create. I need an activity to help Liv focus and calm down. She is always so amped during dance class and every night when Antz comes home she goes into what I call Hyperballad mode, I don’t know how to get her to quiet down without a meltdown. She has acquired a scream that can shatter glass which Antz thinks is the foretelling of a successful singing career *dear God no!*. I am a bit concerned I may have become the Mom who I used to roll my eyes at the grocery store whose child is having a full-blown tantrum in the produce department *but instead it’s during instrument time during dance class cause she’s spazzing out over another kid playing with the conga drums* I would love for her to mellow out before pre-school starts in September. Hopefully she’ll grow out of it?

Speaking of school…I was thumbing through my yearbook when I stumbled across our class photo. Ten points to who finds me first!! Where’s Lizzie?

Classy class of 95!

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