Not enough hours in the day

Anyone else feel like their to-do list is never-ending? Even the extra day *thanks Leap Year* didn’t help me catch up. I am going to try to squeeze in a month of weekend projects into one weekend *self-admitted NUTBALL!*

  1. Glass repair dude is coming by to fix a few windows *don’t forget to write his check!!* UPDATE! He did a pretty kick ass job, we’re going to use him again for our large window in the kitchen
  2. Fix our clogged sink *still clogged, need to call our plumber*
  3. Help Antz fix the loose bricks on our front steps *bah, he seems to do this every year around this time*
  4. Repair missing tile in bathroom *Antz needs to paint the grout*
  5. Put the old crib pieces to the garage
  6. Go to Target *how has it been 3 entire weeks since I’ve been??!* going Monday
  7. Figure out why the stupid light bulb we just bought for our floodlight on the deck doesn’t work
  8. Put together and package Etsy order  Ship on Monday
  9. Remember whatever it is I’m sure I forgot on this list *Clear off front porch!!*
  10. Finally patch the holes in Antz socks and the rip in my sweater
  11. Replace broken plug adapter for Lola’s fountain
  12. Find out why the outside fountain isn’t working
  13. Refill the hummingbird feeder
  14. Get in depth details of Story & Chris’ trip to New Zealand
  15. Watch Hohan make an ass of herself on SNL *she did a decent job of reading cue cards like someone who forgot their glasses, wasn’t this chick an actress a long time ago?*
  16. Email Antz Liv’s 21 month photo *off to a senior citizen’s pace start, aren’t I?*

So on top of that radness, I must jam in time to check out this exhibit at FIDM with Kimalammadingdong and Warrenkenlee. I loves me some Colleen Atwood. Can you blame me?

Recently I have been depriving myself precious sleep by taking any moment Olivia is sleeping to get some readin’ time. I am currently bumming myself out when I have to put down this golden nugget by Mindy Kaling *you may know her as Kelly Kapoor from NBC’s The Office* but I know her as my new literary BFF. This book is soo good. I really need to thank the hubster for granting me a full hour to soak in the tub while I read undisturbed last Tuesday *believe me, Liv was trying to break the door down*

I’m also addicted to another fascinating book I purchased for yee olde ipad.

I haven’t had as much time to read this one but I will let you know if this Frenchy Maman philosophy has anything to it. *cause Lord knows I can use some anti-tantrum tactics* Oh, and I have become addicted in a Rain Man counting cards sort of way with the Unblock Me app. I allow myself 10 puzzles a day but I’m actually on a 30-40 puzzle rampage. It’s my version of crack! I will soon be on Intervention.

Despite my busy agenda, I managed to get some park time in with T & K which was fantastic. We pretty much played until nightfall. I can’t wait till our playdate next week.

Liv had a thing for this frog, not sure what that thing was, but she was all over this guy
Happy, lovely children
Liv is still terrible at the concept of sharing
Poor Kieran was so patient and polite with her
He is really a gentleman, thanks for being awesome!

So now I must get some rest *by rest I mean play Unblock Me* but I do admit, this blog makes me want a billion children. I’m pretty sure the chick on this blog is part robot. She’s too adorable!!

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