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Rain, Rain, Go Away

It rained pretty much all day yesterday. It’s great for our backyard and cleaning up all the smog in the city but it’s bad news for our foundation. Our doors stick and our front stairs crack. However, we met Terry, Morgan and Kieran for lunch at Chipotle and look what they gave us!!

We are the proud adoptive parents of a Caterpillar
Milton is living in the Robot nest until he moves into his larger container



He’s already bigger today!

Last night we dropped off Liv at her Grandma’s and went to Keith & Tina’s St. Pattys Day party, The food and drinks were soo good!

Mrs. Tina!



It started hailing but they were so small you couldn’t see them
You can see one little hail stone on Story’s sleeve
Party Peeps!! Leslie’s wig wins
OMG, It was so good to see Maeve!
Our silly little Leprechaun!
Today we are hanging around the house not doing much but playing.


Cali Girl


Somebody transforms into a Cool Kid when they put on their shades!






I hardly recognize her without her curly fro


Our peach tree lost quite a few petals last night during the storm


It snowed in the mountains close to us. Pretty sky

I am picking up Aimee when she gets off work to come over tonight. We might go to Anthro to get my birthday pressie, FABulous!! So, now we are going for a walk.


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