A Different Type of Mix Tape Friday

Instead of my fave tunes *cause let’s face it, all I listen to is Die Antwoord, Björk, Tom Waits, April March, & Lana Del Rey* I thought I’d share our top telly shows and films.

Yo Gabbs gang with Andy Samberg

It’s more than obvious, Yo Gabba Gabba reigns supreme in our household. It’s the best kids show ever. I don’t find it condescending like Dora or creepy like Blues Clues. I love all the music and the guest stars. I am dying for new episodes!! If it wasn’t for this show I would have never met Terry, Morgan & Kieran, Yay!!

Peter Pan

Lately Olivia has been obsessed with watching Peter Pan. I have tried to get her to watch Finding Nemo, Alice in Wonderland and Antz even broke out my old fave when I was a kid, Annie, but it’s all Peter Pan, all day. She brings me the dvd box and says “Pway?”

Classic Franklin

Since Nick has changed up their lineup, we lost our 2nd fave *after Yo Gabba Gabba* morning show, original Franklin. Liv sings the theme song whenever we study flash cards cause T is for Turtle so she says Fwankwin! Now there’s a lame new Franklin & Friends that is 3D and they overuse the word “Coolio” to a nauseating degree.

Wow Wow Wubbzy

Liv also has another favorite show but I have to record them on DVR cause Nick Jr moved it to 1am, Monsieur Wow Wow Wubbzy *Beyonce voices some characters*. I prefer Pocoyo but only a couple of episodes.


Mom and Dad sometimes manage to stay awake long enough to watch telly some nights. Our top shows are…

Up All Night. I’m so glad Jason Lee is no longer on the show, when did Banky become old and lame?

I like it mostly for Maya Rudolph *who constantly looks preggers but her hair is amazing* and it’s uncanny how much they steal every single episode plot from our lives *playdates, new neighbors, pre-school admission and having a second kid*. It’s totally a rad show for peeps with chur’rens.

Kent & Vixen were my favorite team

I try not to miss The Amazing Race because I’m an old lady and I love watching stupid people be stupid in foreign countries. I would love to be a contestant on that show but it seems like we’ll have to be the old boring married couple cause we aren’t the stereotype hot couple who fight incessantly.

Mad Men

Mad Men is my shit! Antz doesn’t watch it *yet* but he is one of those folks who refuses to get on-board with something awesome until like 5 years later *ie: Radiohead, Always Sunny, Etsy, & Toms* I can’t wait till the new season premiere!!

**Let me add a disclaimer; I am aware there are more awesome shows, we also watch Daily Show, Portlandia and Jeopardy *how cool are we?* but I just can’t dedicate myself to Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and I refuse to watch The Voice or Modern Family, don’t judge me!!

Right at Your Door

So we have seen a couple of pretty awesome Netflix videos. We really enjoyed this film about a biological attack on LA and how a husband and wife survive it. It brings a pretty good question of how would you react in a disaster *I must have asked Antz a hundred time, what would you do?*. I constantly think of how unprepared we are in an emergency and everytime I watch a zombie movie I want to raid Target and start hoarding water & canned beans.

Patton Oswalt: My Weakness is Strong

Since most of my queue says long wait or will be released next Tuesday, I finally caught up on some stand-up comedy. Patton Oswalt wins at comedy. He is fucking hilarious, I was in tears. I loved him in Young Adult *which is a great movie but more of a see with your BFF flick*


Lastly, this movie has two of my favorite things, a kick ass soundtrack by The Chemical Brothers *love* and Cate Motherfuckin’ Blanchett. The plot is a little silly to me but I really enjoyed it.

I am hoping to catch The Hunger Games

*which is a total rip-off of Battle Royale*

And I really want to see Friends with Kids this weekend. I am excited to finally see Carnage which comes out on Netflix on my birthday!! We are going to Legoland for my birthday because I am a huge nerd and we have free tickets from our sis, that we didn’t use for Christmas. We have two St. Patty’s Day parties tomorrow.

Thanks Deb!!

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