The First Day of Spring

Which also happens to be my 35th birthday. We met Terry, Morgan & Kieran at Legoland.

It’s been 13 years since we went to Legoland on opening day *my 22nd birthday* and sadly the legos didn’t hold up well. They were sunfaded and dusty.

 Star Wars Miniland

This kid sucked at driving
They loved this ride

Liv is trying to give the peace sign
What a curious face
 We checked out the Legoland Sea Life Aquarium

Once again, my camera blows
Daddy kisses
I am totally serious, the restaurant Terry & Morgan took me to for my birthday dinner was called MISO HARNEY!!! Love it
Thanks guys for the yummy grub
Liv was going in for a kiss, Kieran was too fast for her
Tempura strawberries
I’ll help myself to some of that
Hubs and Olivia surprised me with this yummy birthday cake

I got my lovely present from Antz. I love it soo much!! Thank you, sweetie

Quincy ipad case
Thanks to my BFF for the Anthropologie giftcard

***I don’t want to toot my own horn or nothing but this so happens to be my 700th post, Say whaaaa?!

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