Dreaming of Hawai’i

As it seems, the entire world has been to the lovely islands except us. Outside of us renting a kayak and paddling there, I don’t see us going this year. I have been scouring Living Social deals, Groupon, Travel Zoo and Orbitz with no luck. Sure I find great deals everyday like this one, but I have yet to find in all-inclusive package that includes airfare and a decent hotel for the dates we want to go. Yes, it’s still early for August but with Olivia starting school in September, we need to prioritize.

I suppose I should stop dreaming and figure out a more economic approach for 10 year anniversary date. Going out of town just doesn’t seem like an option at the moment.

Ten YEARS??!! Holy shit, that is a long time. I cannot believe how lucky am I to have married this wonderful guy. Sometimes, I don’t think I deserve him. He is so devoted to Olivia and me. He has been a part of my half-brain schemes for 16 years. We were babies when we met *he was just turning 21 and I was 19* We have been through the good, the bad and the ugly. I can count on 2 hands the number of times we broke up. Destiny or insanity kept bringing us back together. I cannot even imagine my life without him. Aimee has listened to me cry about silly arguments, and played referee for us countless times. I can think back to us unofficially living together in my Mom’s tiny apartment both working menial jobs, with no real bills to pay, always broke. Happiness to us was simply going to the movies and eating at gross Denny’s every Friday. It was a happy time but we have matured and done a complete 360 in our lives.

I think this was taken in 2001
One month before our wedding in 2002

Sigh, we were so young.

Well, I’ve found this awesome option for the weekend of our anniversary. Gourmet dinner in a beautiful field in Santa Barbara…but at $220 per person, I’m not yet completely sold.

Outstanding in the Field

Santa Barbara is so lovely but I don’t think we could take Olivia and I don’t want to exclude her. I’ll keep thinking.

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