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Yeah, We Wore It 3/12

Made it just under the gun. I wasn’t going to use this photo but we literally took hundreds of shots and it wasn’t happening that day. I was using the camera tripod and the remote but I couldn’t get a decent shot no matter what. We were on our way somewhere and Antz was over it so I had to use what we had. It’s incredible that this shot *with Antz face covered and Liv not jumping* was the best of the bunch. I  love how sinister and spooky the sky looks, it ended up pouring the next day. Next month I’ll strive for a more flattering shot.


So about 90% of what we are wearing is from Gap. They really need to hire us as a spokes-family because we rock that shit every day. Our shoes are from Nordstrom and Liv’s hat is from the boys section at Target. You have seen my hat in a cuter photo here, which was $12 from Mod Cloth. We were celebrating daylight savings *love more sun when Papa comes home* and welcome to spring!

Here are some outtakes…I suck at the new camera remote!

 b811c-dsc_0581 e8ab1-dsc_0572 9e79b-dsc_0567 187bb-dsc_0600 f4f4d-dsc_0601

50% of them came out like this

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