Happy Doing Nothing

Occasionally, I enjoy having to run around in a chaotic state. I have absolutely nothing planned this week and I am so grateful. I can recover from the awesome CSS show *my throat is sore and my ears are still ringing* how’s that for an old lady? My phone is not alerting me of any appointments and I have nothing on my agenda except playing with Olivia, cleaning and late night Draw Something *I only play the third word cause I’m hardcore, bring it!!* sessions. I really need this week off. We have been going out everyday for the past 3 months!

Check out how huge this guy is!!

While playing in the backyard with Liv yesterday, I noticed the house behind ours is getting some work done.

I would die if this was a Steve Jones *he’s my blog crush at Better Shelter* flip

It appears to be a flip because so far they have sandblasted the awful stucco and are building a lovely little deck. Only investor money can afford fancy doors and windows like that. Before it was two craptastic little shacks. Thank heavens the neighborhood is emerging. Antz & I are both hoping they may even throw in a new privacy fence and we get some more awesome people moving on the block. Our 4 year old bamboo is looking pretty shredded from the rain. I am planning to use my free time to work on refinancing our mortgage. If this HARP program is legit, I am going to roll our second into our first mortgage and somehow bring down our payments by $500. We can use that to boost our new house savings. As well as we’ve been doing with our Etsy shop *we are averaging 1-2 orders a week now* it’s not enough to hit our target savings for Paris in 2 years. It doesn’t help that banks are offering the lowest interest rates ever for savings acoounts. We are savings Liv’s tuition in a yearly CD but it’s earning so little, it would take a 60 month CD to make anything substantial *like a whooping $60 annually*. Okay, enough boring money talk. We are excited about all this building in the hood, Antz is going to clean out our garage this weekend. I am going to work on de-cluttering, particularly the kid’s too many toys and outgrown clothes *we have 2 bebe friends who can use them* I may even work in the garden if the weather stays nice. Sunday I’ve got a date with some stuffed mushrooms, I mean, Story & Chris.

We may possibly be going to the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards this Saturday. I am not as excited as I’ve been previous years cause the venue isn’t as fun as UCLA. It’s enormous and we were sitting in the ceiling section so it gave me vertigo most of the time.

 Spazzing out over Mr. Johnny Depp

I also still have ringing in my ears and I’m certain a bunch of screaming tweens will not be pleasant. However, we are hoping to invite our friends and I would love Kieran & Liv to have a kiddie fun time.

May the odds be ever in your favor!!

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